My Life!!! (Introduction)

11. januar 2014 ob 11:50 | 87
Hey guys this has to be the hardest thing i have ever done in my life. And that is blog about it cuz sometimes i dont even want to remember it. Sooner or later i knew i would have too face my past and i guess it has came to that time i am ready to face it. I guess facing it is the best thing to do knowing what i have been through. Which the people that already know the story is because some part of it all they some how got caught up in it or i trusted them not to tell anyone. Well, in tell i was ready to tell anyone let alone tell the world. Now that means there is not lot of people who knows because i will tell u now i have mager trust issues and through the blogging i think you will see why and hopefully you will understand everything clearly.

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cissyboo4 leta nazaj

sorry i forgot to put in there i will blog everyday and if i miss a day i will start out with saying sorry and telling u y so yall wont mess a thing

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