My Life!!!

13. januar 2014 ob 08:22 | 126
Okay after she came back she said how sorry she was and she acted like she changed but come to find out she didn't. After that she was drinking; fighting people, getting kicked out of school and more. Then when she didn't want to listen she decided that when it was time for all of us to wake up and go to school she was going to fight with mom and dad. By the time that bus came that last thing we heard from the house was a big BOOM! Us girls get home that afternoon and she was gone the state took her again. And when we asked mom what that big boom this morning she wouldn't tell us. Then i asked her to go to the room with me and i looked at my mom and said "It was the dinning room table wasn't it" and her answer was "yes,it was". I was happy when i heard that the table didn't hit anyone it just hit the wall but that table was not threw by my sister which shocked me it was thrown by my mom. Next time i will tell u about the visits she got being sent off. TO BE CONTINUE.....!!!

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cissyboo4 leta nazaj

and even tho it is poorly written it is still the truth on how life went

borigi4 leta nazaj

piši rajši v tvojem materinem jeziku... bo za vse lažje.

pikiX4 leta nazaj

Še vedno nisi povedala če te je v rito kresnil?

neznani4 leta nazaj

a tisti ki pa ne razumemo angleško se pa lahko j..... da bi vedeli kaj si napisal ali si mislil da za glupe pa to ni

borigi4 leta nazaj

ne sekiraj se, saj je tako slabo napisano, da tudi tisti ki razumemo angleško tukaj ne razumemo prav veliko...

borigi4 leta nazaj

pa dobr a ti to z googlom prevajaš iz romunščine al kaj... :D

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