This belief

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This belief
This belief and this adjustment arc the religious attitude in the soul. I wish during this hour to call your attention to some of the psychological peculiarities of such an attitude as this, or belief in an object which we cannot see. All our attitudes, moral, practical, or emotional, as well as religious, arc due to the "objects" of our consciousncss, the things which wc believe to exist, whether rcallv or ide-ally, along with ourselves. Such objccts may be present to our senses, or thev may be New Orlean Saints jerseys present only to our thought. In either ease thev clicit from us a reaction; and the reaction due to things of thought is notoriously in many cases as strong as that football jerseys due to sensible prcscnccs. It may be even stronger. The memory of an insult may make us angrier than the insult did when wc received it. Wc arc frequently more ashamed of our blunders afterwards than wc were at the moment of making them; and in general our whole higher prudential and moral life is based on the fact that material sensa-tions actually present may have a weaker influence on our action than ideas of remoter facts.
'Ihc more concrete objccts of most throwback jerseys mens religion, the deities whom thev worship, arc known to them only in idea. It has been vouchsafed, for example, to very few Christian believers to have had a sensible vision of their Saviour; though enough appearances of this sort arc on rccord, by way of miraculous cxccption, to merit our attention later. MBT The whole forcc of the Christian religion, therefore, so far as belief in the divine person-ages determines the prevalent attitude of the believer, is in general exertedbv the instrumentality of pure ideas, of which nothing in the individuals past cxpcricncc directly serves as a model.
But in addition to these ideas of the more concrctc religious objects, religion is full of abstract objccts which prove to have an equal power. Gods attributes as such, his holiness, his justice, his mercy, his absolute-ness, his infinity, his omniscience, his tri-unitv, the various mysteries of the redemptive proccss, the operation of the sacramcnts, etc., have proved fertile wells of inspiring meditation for Christian believers." Wc shall see later that the abscncc of definite sensible images is positively insisted on by the mystical authorities in all religions as the sine qua non of a successful orison, or contemplation of the higher divine truths. Such contemplations arc expected (and abundantly verify the expectation, as wc shall also sec) to influence the believer's subsequent attitude very powerfully for good.
Immanucl Kant held a curious doctrinc about such objccts of belief as God, the design of crcation, the soul, its freedom, and the life hereafter. These things, he said, arc Minnesota Vikings jerseys properly not objccts of knowledge at all. Our conceptions Indianapolis Colts Jerseys always require a scnsc-contcnt to work with, and as the words soul," "God," "immortality," cover no distinctive sense-content whatever, it follows that theoretically speaking they arc words devoid of any signifi-cance. Yet strangely enough they have a definite meaning for our practice. Wc can act as //'there were a God; feel as if wc were free; consider Nature as ifshe were full of special designs; lay plans as if wc were to be immortal; and wc find then that these words do make a genuine diflcrcncc NFL jerseys in MBT shoes clearance our moral life.

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