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13. oktober 2010 ob 08:00 | 283

And Louis Vuitton Nomade Leather lawyers said it would discuss his decision whether to appeal again. The other four defendants were in court said they did not appeal. XIAO Chuanguo "patient" heated debate outside the court yesterday morning, including China Central Television broadcast a vehicle, including dozens of journalists gathered at the Shijingshan wait outside the court south interview. Told the media, said Fang to personally appear in court does not appear in the trial scene. Peng Jian Fang's lawyer, said that the Shijingshan Fang court in hearing the case by summary procedure and have heard rumors that the case may be pronounced in court, XIAO Chuanguo may be lenient sentence, the temporary change in plans to appear louis vuitton handbags in person before expressed dissatisfaction. 8:30, the case of the other victims and their lawyers Peng Jian Fang Xuanchang appear together outside the gates of the court in the Shijingshan. Face interview, pointing to the head of the scars, said Fang Xuanchang, XIAO Chuanguo directly ordered the killer beat him with a steel vital part, is not a trouble, and completely is to take his life. Badly beaten after he was beaten to the semi state of shock. Busy time for him to rescue a doctor, medical record far from complete, and the public security organs according to medical records identified him as Sometimes no, identification results and the fact that his injuries did not match. The indictment XIAO Chuanguo trouble is fact is unclear. From 9 am to time there are more than an hour hearing, the court appeared lv bags outside the gates of a wheelchair or crutches several spine patients, patient representatives pull up in front of CCTV broadcast a "spine patients concerned, punish XIAO Chuanguo" in white banners. The grass outside the court, a man wearing a yellow jacket has played "the patient to thank Dr. Xiao Chuanguo" slogan. Formed outside the court "quite side school" and "quite Shaw School" two camps. A man in a wheelchair, told reporters that they are hundreds of representatives of spinal patients, are also XIAO Chuanguo "Shaw reflex arc operation" on behalf of the victims. One claim came from a young mother louis vuitton neverfull bag in Tangshan in the courts outside, holding hands his son a few pictures done crying, "Shaw's operation" completely paralyzed after the encounter. At the same time, the scene came a young man from Shandong put aside the clothes behind the scars on his back exposed, told reporters: "I am also a spinal disease, incontinence for 13 years. Professor Xiao done by the surgery, it is now have toilet can take care of themselves, recovered and normal person. I think Professor Xiao is subject to injustice, so the special solidarity with Professor Xiao came from Shandong. "war of words on the intense debate in the courtroom, while outside the court," Shaw surgery, "the two groups were also noisy into gruel. Victim and defendant are not recognized by the Charge of the debate appeared in court yesterday, quite a dramatic scene: the victim and the defendant are not authorized to prosecute trouble Procuratorate charges.
Fang louis vuitton usa and Fang Xuanchang that XIAO Chuanguo are two questions in retaliation for academic fraud, incitement to a hammer, beating two of steel and other weapons and other critical parts of the head, and Fang Xuanchang labeled cerebral artery rupture, complete intentional homicide. Peng Jian two lawyers that the act of wounding XIAO Chuanguo incitement is deliberately injured should be attempted. Prosecutors to prosecute XIAO Chuanguo trouble with the law and so inconsistent with 5 people. XIAO Chuanguo lawyer Gao Cheng also believes that such behavior is not XIAO Chuanguo trouble, but louis vuitton handbag intentional injury. Gao Cheng said, according to law, the injury was identified as more than minor injuries intentional assault. Fang and Fang Xuanchang two people belong Sometimes no injury was identified, although meant to hurt but it does not constitute investigated for criminal responsibility, should belong to the scope of public security penalties, so XIAO Chuanguo, etc. should be not guilty. Fang said the court, there are many other loopholes YORK Last night, Fang, Fang Xuanchang and lawyers Peng Jian, Wang Guangqi held a press conference, alleged XIAO Chuanguo frequent lying in the trial, the court in the application of procedures and there are many loopholes in the law. Fang believes that the final sentence lighter than expected, ready to apply Procuratorate filed protest. Fang Xuanchang omega seamaster chronometer said yesterday appeared before the court many irregularities. He said the victims in court XIAO Chuanguo not the slightest regret, in the afternoon of the trial, the defendant with one or two hours of time for XIAO Chuanguo of medicine, academic crackdown aims to accuse Fang seek fame and fortune, or even defamatory Fang, the court did not well to stop. In the case proceedings, XIAO Chuanguo how to pay, how to contact the crime and so on, and the other defendants in the statement conflicts with each other, did not lead to court attention. Injury identified on the dispute, Fang Xuanchang said the doctor did not deal with his injury experience, leaving no evidence, medical records are not complete. But, then, judging seamaster professional his massive bleeding, shock, can not be Sometimes no. Fang did not attend the hearing yesterday, he said that the results for the lenient sentence, he was psychologically prepared, because the court application of summary procedure, in which three of the assailants has been released on bail, means the court will not sentenced. But the final verdict, or much lighter than he expected. Fang said he learned through the lawyer's account XIAO Chuanguo content. According to the existing omega mens watches evidence, XIAO Chuanguo the information provided to the murderer, in addition to photos of Fang and Fang Xuanchang, address and personal information, as well as photos of the wife of Fang and information. XIAO Chuanguo Fang's address in the back of specially marked "in the elevator on video." Fang believes that a deterrent sentence would not achieve his personal safety can not be guaranteed. Peng Jian lawyer, said there are a lot of trial law in the procedures of the Department. Summary procedure, or agreed to be recommended for the People's Procuratorate, the case for indictment of the procurator general recommended procedure, but still use the summary trial. At noon, a lawyer for XIAO Chuanguo pleaded not guilty, the judge adjourned the trial, the parties have left the court, the court also announced to continue omega seamaster automatic the hearing, and Pang Jian never did get notice. For the offense finds Peng Jianjian who should be intentional homicide (attempt) or intentional injuries (attempt) conviction. Peng Jian, said the case for the prosecution case, as the injured party, the rights of the parties is limited, can provide limited evidence to rely more on public security organs and the prosecution. He said he would protest to the prosecutor's

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