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Proven Croats are descendants of Serbs News | 2012/12/02 | 15:22 The study of genetic similarities and genetic origin of the Croats, by the Institute for the SW from Zagreb was made, and the last nine years , brings the most shocking of all the preliminary findings in relation to the Croatian origin. According to the research of this renowned institute, which has a number of international awards in genetic research, the Croats are descendants of Serbs. Photo: illustration of a The survey was carried out on a sample of 7,230 respondents, and reached the highest genetic coincidence of the Y chromosome haplotipov and haplotip administration with slovenian Serbian nation from the 10. century. - EU7 haplotip, or the so-called Croatian haplotip, it is possible to connect only with haplotip the EU 13, which is called Old Serbian haplotip, and is associated with the Serbs of up to 10. century. This means that all previous assumptions about the podreklu Croats completely wrong and we didn't grasp what is obvious. The croats are descendants of Serbs who are somewhere in the 10. century moved to areas with small Slovene tribes, which are one-sided with the group, and somewhere in the same century the name Croatian (Xorbatus) populated - explained dr. Milorad Pavic of the institute. Who will identify the research? Added, that there was such a discovery is possible because the chromosome samples Y taken from the Serbs who live in Serbia and that is why previous studies gave different results . The fact is, today's people of Serbia the largest genetic vpetja and almost the same number of chromosomes Y and compatibility haplotipov have with the Turks, and this is mainly explained by the fact that the Turks for five centuries of the colonization, especially after the death of a large number of Serbs in Kosovo, mixed their genes with the local population . The differences between the genes, "original", and the current Serbian are the same, as well as between the Romanian and the French language, although both of the people who belong to the group of the Novel, explained the institute and added that the Croatian more of the genes significantly associated with the gene of Serbian ancestors the genetic structure, as is the current Serbian. Due to the extremely sensitive situation, will this research likely to be published as soon as possible, and refuse any and all important institutions. The institute said that in the last two months considering whether to publish the results, because the time would question the whole history of the relations between the two nations. If granted the money, as is this publication raises serious issues, will further explore the remains of the body, clothing and items from 10. century, where are the traces of DNA that would further confirm teor

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