Something about me... :)

26. november 2010 ob 14:28 | 143
Friendly, sociable, talkative, stubborn, quiet before lighting my interior flame: then I'm a tornado! Get to know me, or I'll get to know you! :)
I'm a very sociable person, good in communication. I love participating in various things or/and organising different artistic or less artistic projects. Also meeting new interesting people. I have serious values in life, but I like being open-minded. I love the sea, the forests, documentaries, scientific things (even when I don't understand much! lol), geography (I looove this planet, but I sometimes feel like an alien ) and I admire people that travel around a lot. I believe that travelling is great for your soul, but; the most dangerous and lonesome and interesting and the biggest travel that you can make, is the one inside your soul.

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