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15. junij 2009 ob 17:48 | 475

There are almost 7 billion people on Earth

730 million Europeans

2 million Slovenians

but there is only one man who is a four time winner of the toughest cycling challenge in the world

a 3000 miles cycling Race Across America.
the 4800 km through America's toughest landscape in 8 days with just 8 hours of sleep in total

A man, father, athlete, friend, and most of all proud Slovenian, citizen of a small country with a huge heart, determination, courage and will, is able to achieve something that just rare can. He won US, the world and himself.

Inspiration to us, inspiration to all mankind.

the one and only Jure ROBIČ

The Wheel of Life

When quiting is not an option
If he can do it, we can do it ...


P.S.Special thanks to mr. Tomaz KOVSCA for letting us to use video material from his archive.

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