Paedophile ring secret files spark fears of a Natascha Kampusch cover-up

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Natascha Kampusch
March 25, 2011
Justice officials in Austria yesterday took the unprecedented step of releasing files concerning their investigation into the kidnapping of Natascha Kampusch amid criticism that state prosecutors systematically ignored evidence that a paedophile ring was  involved.
While the stated purpose of the publication of the files is to quell speculation, the documents actually reinforce the impression that several people were involved in the kidnapping of Kampusch in 1998 and that the state prosecutor systematically ignored the evidence.
In a report dated Secember 9th, 2009, the state prosecutor in charge Dr Thomas Mühlbacher describes in detail how a witness saw two men involved in the kidnapping of the then 8-year-old girl – and not just Wolfgang Priklopil.
The witness also described what happened in a video reconstruction in 2006.
Mühlbacher’s report explains that Priklopil stopped in an isolated woods and made phone calls in an excited state after abducting Kampusch. He gave Kampusch to understand that there were “others” involved, but they had not shown up.  Finally, Priklopil drove her back his own house and created a make-shift prison for Kampusch because he had made no preparations to keep her.
A few days later, 500,000 schillings was transferred to Priklopil’s account. The transfer of such a large sum of money strongly suggests the notion that a group had paid him (and his business partner?) to  kidnap Kampusch, and that something had gone wrong at the last moment, but that the cash rich group had decided to honour an agreement given the fact Kampusch had, in fact, been kidnapped and was being held captive.VIDEO: German

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Kampusch case to be reopened
June 29, 2012
In a welcome sign that the Austrian parliament is beginning to assert itself over a justice system which has lost every vestige of independence and has fallen captive to special interests, the heads of all five political fractions have called for the abduction case of Natascha Kampusch to be reopened and for the FBI and German criminal police to help in the investigation.

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Northern Irish Globalist actor to play Natascha Kampusch
April 20, 2012

IRISH ACTOR Antonia Campbell-Hughes is to portray Austrian kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch in a biopic for release next year.

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Read a fictional account of the Kampusch case: insist on a new investigation!
The Austrian parliamentary committee yesterday failed to meet a second deadline to publish a report on the Natascha Kampusch case, which was widely expected to recommend a new investigation.,854709
In protest at the continuing cover up of this shocking crime, I’ve written a short fictional account called “The Children’s Network.”
You can read the e book at the link below. Please share it with others. Help raise awareness of these international paedophile rings reaching into the highest echelons of government and the media. Insist on an new investigation.
The Network E Book
There is a lot of evidence that kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil was not working alone when he kidnapped Kampusch in 1998 but was part of a much bigger network involving top people - people  who will stop at nothing to prevent the case being investigated,  ready to murder even a minister of interior and a police inspector.
This appears to be the same international network operating behind the swine flu vaccine scam, which also targeted children.  And it’s the young who have been the first to suffer severe effects from the swine flu adjuvant.
Personally, I enjoy writing fiction but I didn’t enjoy writing about the Kampusch paedophile  ring even in a fictional form.  It’s like looking  into an abyss.  But can we turn a blind eye any longer to this Globalist network which is wrecking havoc to our society, our economy, our health and our children?  It is hard to look evil in the face but can we afford to ignore this evil any longer?

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Update on the Kampusch case

 The Austrian parliamentary committee investigating the Natascha Kampusch abduction case has twice announced the imminent publication of a report expected to recommend  a new investigation — and with the help of the FBI – but so far there is no sign of the report, sparking fears of a continuing cover up. 
The report was supposed to come out today, but its publication appears to have been delayed again.
Stay tuned for an update tomorrow on whether the report has come out on one of the most shocking paedophile ring cases since the Marc Dutroux scandal in Belgium.
In the past couple of weeks, emails have surfaced showing how top Austrian justice officials put pressure on judges in Innsbruck to curtail inquiries into a cover up by five state prosecutors in Vienna.
The head of the parliamentary committee, Werner Amon, is also being brazenly harassed by justice officials and the media.
In the meantime, more shocking details concerning the Kampusch case have surfaced, including evidence that doctors at Vienna’s main hospital, the AKH, were complicit in covering up the links of Ernst Holzapfel, the alleged accomplice of Wolfgang Priklopil, to Kampusch.
Kampusch’s father has brought a civil case against Holzapfel but there is still no sign of criminal charges being  against him by the state prosecutors.
The Kampusch cover up is rapidly becoming one of the biggest scandals in Austria in recent  times , and a  poll conducted by Swiss media 20 Minuten Online showed that 83% of the people want a new investigation.
 The need for an inquiry is all the more pressing as it emerged that 84  children in Austrianstate run homes have been sent abroad to countries such as Germany Greece, Poland, Spain and Namibia, where the condition of children’s homes is often castastrophic.
Some of the children in Germany have reported experiencing violence in their new care homes.
Tune in tomorrow for an update on the groundbreaking Kampusch report and whether its publication has once more been delayed or not.

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New Kampusch probe expected soon: parliamentary report due at the end of March

The Natascha Kampusch kidnapping scandal could soon be the subject of a new probe after it was announced that a report by an Austrian parliamentary committee is to be published at the end of March.

The report is expected to be focus on the way state prosecutors and police failed to act on evidence that a paedophile ring was involved in the kidnapping of Kampusch when she was ten years old.

Charges were never filed against a major suspect, Ernst Holzapfel, in a ruse seemingly designed to allow Kampusch to avoid testifying under oath in court, notes Andreas Unterberger.

Kampusch’s father has filed civil charges against Holzapfel in an extraordinary legal move.

In a last ditch effort to prevent a new inquiry which could uncover a paedophile ring with connections to the political and financial elite as well as justice officials and media personalities, complicit journalists and Green Party members – none of the Green Party examined the new Kampusch evidence – have gone into overdrive trying to discredit Werner Amon, the head of the parliamentary inquiry.

State prosecutors last week launched an unexpected investigation into Amon for money laundering – unexpected because there is absolutely no evidence of money laundering.

There is only evidence of a bank transfer to a political organization without a receipt, something which does not amount to a crime in Austria.

The absence of solid facts did not, however, stop Austria’s media spinning countless dramatic headlines implying Amon had violated a law and calling for Amon to resign from the Kampusch inquiry.

Profil magazine also published a lengthy piece attempting to portray people who have done research on the Kampusch scandal and the cover up by state prosecutors as conspiracy theorists.

Profil in an open alliance with the state prosecutors put its spin on a so-called confidential 600 page report, claiming to be the fullest investigation yet by state prosecutors.

As expected, the state prosecutor’s report just glosses over the considerable evidence that Kampusch was held by a paedophile ring, and that Wolfgang Priklopil visited sado-maso clubs in Vienna and Kampusch herself was forced to perform sado-masochistic acts in chains for her heartless and depraved captors in her dungeon.

The state prosecutor’s report just gives a list of all the witnesses who have withdrawn their statements – presumably under pressure.

A police dog handler who identified Priklopil as a likely suspect just after Kampusch was kidnapped was visited by two police officers six days after she reemerged from captivity in August 2006 – and warned not to mention the crucial information he gave ever again.

A girl, Ischtar A, who saw two men pulling Kampusch into a van only retracted her story under pressure in an off the record meeting with Kampusch organized by state prosecutors. Ischtar A. has repeated her version ever since to the media.

It is interesting that the editor and publisher of Profil, Christian Rainer, also acts as the deputy treasurer of the board on the Ludwig Boltzmann institute. One of the researchers, Professor Lukas Kenner, tried to have me confined in 2010 without ever having met me, which begs the question of the motive. Who ordered it? Who stood to gain?

Profil is spreading disinformation not only about the Kampusch case but also about the swine flu vaccination.

Robert Buchacher this week claimed in a pseudo investigative piece that there was no evidence of any causal link between the swine flu vaccination and hundreds of new cases of narcolepsy in Sweden and Finland.

In fact, a Finnish study has confirmed the link.

Another member of on the board of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute is Markus Beyrer, the CEO of the OIAG, who went on hunting trips at the invitation of Alfons Mensdorff-Pouilly, the husband of Maria Rauch-Kallat.

Rauch Kallat signed the national pandemic plan – envisaging mass vaccination with the toxic jab — into law in 2006 as then health minister.

Clearly, Rauch-Kallat would, therefore, have a motive for having me confined and eliminated as a witness to a crime of mass poisoning she was involved in.

The Kurier reports that an Austrian, Erhard Pichler, was psychiatrised by the police in 1969 after he uncovered evidence of a massive scandal at the state-run railways and filed charges. The police doctor confined him and he was given electro shocks and chained to his bed, and counts himself lucky to have survived.

Who knows how many whistle blowers in Austria have been eliminated this way and are still being eliminated this way?

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Was Natascha Kampusch’s cellar captor actually murdered? Claims that 'his former best friend killed him' 

• Swiss news agency claims Wolfgang Priklopil was killed by his best friend Ernst Holzapfel
• Says handwriting specialist determined that Priklopil did not begin to write his suicide note, but that his friend may have done
• Holzapfel was the last person to see Priklopil alive on the day of his death

The man who took Natascha Kampusch from a Vienna street when she was just a schoolgirl and kept her captive for nearly nine years in a secret dungeon - may have been murdered, it was claimed today.
Police always said Wolfgang Priklopil ended his own life by lying with his head a railway line when an express train came along in the hours after Natascha escaped his clutches in August 2006.
But a Swiss news organisation now claims his decapitated body was 'almost intact' after it was found by police - despite a grille at the front of the train that should have seriously mangled his body - and that his former best friend Ernst Holzapfel was suspected of being behind the death.

The 20 Minute Website prints details of handwriting analysed by officials in Austria of Priklopil and Holzapfel and determined that Priklopil did not begin to write his suicide note - but that his friend may have done.
A 2009 expert report stated; 'The comparison of the questionable word 'mummy' with the available specimens of handwriting of Ernst Holzapfel furnished individual graphic similarities.'
Holzapfel knew of Natascha and often met with her when Priklopil brought her along to flats that the pair of them refurbished in Vienna for profit. He later told police he thought she was a girlfriend of his.

Holzapfel was the last person to see Priklopil alive on the day of his death - August 23 2006.
They met at a shopping centre on the outskirts of the Austrian capital where, according to Holzapfel, his friend was distressed at Natascha's escape and the massive police hunt underway for him.
The former president of the highest court in Vienna, Johann Rzeszut, who served on a special Austrian commission analysing police failings into the Kampusch investigation, called the suicide note 'an extremely mysterious piece of evidence which questions the suicide thesis.'
He added; 'Doubts about the suicide theory are legitimate. I personally have them too. Holzapfel's version that Priklopil began to write to his mother and stopped after the word mummy is completely implausible to me.
'A 40-year-old man who wants to say good-bye to his mother writes at least or two sentences, in which he can say 'I am done with suffering' or 'thanks for everything' or something in this direction.'
He also questioned why the corpse of Priklopil - cremated soon afterwards - did not have its temperature taken at the time of death, or have blood removed from it, both of which are standard procedures at crime scenes.
Back in 2009 the Kampusch case chief investigator Franz Kröll said that the death looked 'staged.'

His brother Karl told the Swiss news organisation; 'I believe Holzapfel had to get rid of the second culprit him because of things he might have said. My brother said that people who kill themselves do not put their heads on railway lines.'
Long suspected of being an accomplice in the kidnapping, Holzapfel was officially ruled out of assisting in her abduction and captivity by Austrian authorities in 2010.
His lawyers said he refused to comment about the new allegations swirling around him.
The Kampusch case and its aftermath constitute the greatest police and judicial scandal in Austrian criminal history.
A probe in 2006 found that there had been ‘massive’ police blunders and failures on the part of detectives which could have seen the girl rescued in the first few weeks after she disappeared.
The police investigation was flawed from the start, and many people felt that because she was an only child being being brought up on a sink estate outside Vienna, she had been forgotten by the authorities.
Since she gained her freedom she has written a book about her ordeal, become rich from media interviews and now spends weekends at the house where she was incarcerated.

Read more:

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Kampusch film project to continue in spite of death of producer

A film on the kidnapping of Natascha Kampusch is to be completed in spite of the sudden death of the producer and script writer Bernd Eichinger on January 24th , it has emerged.
Eichinger died unexpectedly from a heart attack while eating dinner with his family in Los Angeles at the age of 61. He had completed two thirds of the script on the controversial paedophile ring abduction story.

Eichinger, who also has a home in Munich, acquired the film rights to the story in May 2010 and visited Vienna several times, including the cellar where Kampusch was kept.

He said he wished to portray “what really happened using film,” according to local media.
Constantin film has said it will aims to start filming in 2012 but it is not clear who will finish the script.

Read more at:

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Austrian police terrified witness of Kampusch paedophile ring into silence

A fear of revenge by other members of the paedophile ring involved in the kidnapping of Natascha Kampusch may have influenced a witness to alter her statement and claim that only one person was involved, suggest documents printed in Austria’s Kurier newspaper.

Ishtar A. who witnessed the abduction of Kampusch as a school girl had consistently reported seeing a second man sitting in the van beside Wolfgang Priklopil during the kidnapping of Kampusch in March 1998.

But during a key encounter with Kampusch arranged by the police in December 2009, she suddenly altered her statement, surprising even her own mother.

Police chief Franz Kröll criticized the meeting as a stunt to allow the investigation into a paedophile ring to be halted by the state prosecutors. And indeed, shortly afterwards, state prosecutors did zoom in on the statement by Ischtar A on December 3, 2009, to justify stopping inquiries while ignoring the many other occasions the witness – considered reliable in all other respects — had reported seeing two men.

In addition, Ishtar A was not questioned about the second man during the meeting, where pressure was exerted to give a pre ordained answer.

State prosecutors belittled and played down the testimony and evidence presented by experienced judges that a paedophile ring was involved in the abduction.

Kröll, who believed that a ring was involved, was compelled to drop his inquiries. He was found dead in June 2010, apparently having shot himself.

A judge in Innsbruck is set to question the five state prosecutors involved in the case but few people expect anything but a whitewash to emerge.

It has been speculated that fear of a paedophile ring with connections to powerful politicians is also the reason why Kampusch herself has kept silent on the evidence that several people were involved in her abduction.

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Austrian judge slaps gag action on Kampusch paedophile ring investigator
April 2, 2011
Even though five Vienna state prosecutors received a summons to appear before a judge in Innsbruck for conspiring to cover up the evidence that a paedophile ring was involved in the abduction of Natascha Kampusch, a judge in Vienna has slapped a legal action on an Austrian MP who has published more evidence of a cover-up on his website.

Vienna state prosecutors ordered Austrian Green Party MP Peter Pilz to appear before a judge for breaching a criminal law on “forbidden publication” carrying a six-month prison sentence because Pilz posted extracts from a secret police protocol on his website, showing that a police chief was ordered by interior ministry officials to halt his investigation into a paedophile ring.Vienna police commander Karl Mahrer stated that Franz Lang, the current head of the federal police authority, was one of two interior ministry officials who ordered him to stop his inquiries.

The action against Pilz underlines the extent to which Austrian justice system have been taken over by organised crime who are intent on facilitating paedophile rings and who are misusing laws to intimidate and persecute MPs, journalists and investigators.

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