Symptoms of 4th DNA Strand Template Activation - Race Evolution

01. marec 2011 ob 16:01 | 802
-All of humanity is entering a natural acceleration of genetic evolution, which will be amplified between 2000-2017. -The first DNA template acceleration we will experience is activation of the 4th DNA template, the stage of evolution characteristic to the time period of the aryan root race evolutionary cycle. -Some symptoms of 4th DNA strand template activation are: 1.Less fragmanted dream reccal and the development of lucid dreaming. 2.Spontaneous out-off-body-body experience and astral (4th dimensional) counsciousness projection, usually starting from the dream stste. 3.Seeing specs, dots, balls, and projectiles of light formations with eyes open, seeing from the whites of the eyes and through the eyelids as if the eyes were open. 4.Seeing auras around living things and inanimate objects. 5.Increase in empathy, telepathy, psychics & energy healing abilities, channeling & interdimensional communication. 6.Surfacing of reincarnational, contact and fetal integration memories. 7.Seeing dimensional over-lays or "ghost images" of other scenes transposed over physical 3-D reality. 8.Processing of emotional issues from other incarnations. 9.Sensing, seeing or communicating with presences not of the 3-D reality fields. 10.Stronger sense of love and connection to the earth other living things. 11.Conscious contact with the deceased,"Angels",and "ET's". 12.Micro and Macro vision and perception of parallel earth. 13.Direct cognition of knowledge from higher identity levels. 14.Change in sleeping and eating patterns. 15.Temporary mood swings, "anxiety attacks" , manic or depressive states, hot or cold flashes & hormone flux. A.D. "Angelic Realities" pg.62

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