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3D Time Portal System/ Interdimensional vessels/ Parallel System

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UFOs, Visitors, and the Interior Government
Investigating the UFO

We shall begin this discourse with the subject of UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects. We are referring here to those reported sightings of seemingly mechanical-type vessels of transport that have no apparent terrestrial origin. In this category we shall also place other airborne phenomena of related characteristics, but those which lack the elements of mechanical type vestiges. The latter are usually described as Light Formations, reportedly witnessed both at close range and great distances. Both types of UFOs have at times appeared in radar tracking, as well as having many eyewitness reports of sightings or encounters with such yet unexplained phenomena. Photographs and film have at times captured images of both types of UFO presence.

In attempting to explain the origins of such phenomena it is necessary to broach the issue of human physics. Some understanding of the nature of time, matter and perception is required if sense is to be made of these events. In regard to the solid object UFOs often witnessed and documented, suffice it to say that these objects are existing (at the time of encounter) within the range of perception of three-dimensionality. That is, these objects are functioning within the same time-space continuum as other objects within the earth's objectively perceivable and measurable reality. So, as our first point of interest, we shall say that any such three-dimensionally perceivable UFO is (at the point of encounter) functioning within the laws and mechanics of physics as your culture presently understands them. Having determined this obvious fact of corresponding time-space sequence, the next question to address is that of the origin of the object being perceived. The question of “what it is” is directly related to the issue of “where it came from,” for you cannot answer one question without answering the other. If you desire to elicit intelligent answers as to the nature of these phenomena, it is necessary to ask intelligent questions. In order to ask intelligent questions, it is necessary that you expand the framework of reference out of which these questions are drawn.

Official investigation into the nature of three-dimensional mechanical-type UFO events centers around explaining these phenomena using the current premise of scientific thought. The core assumption or root belief within the scientific dictum is that the objectified Earth field of three-dimensional reality is the “only real reality that exists.” Phenomena must be explained within this terrestrial-based scope of perception. Underlying and interwoven with this core assumption are the ideas that the human species is the only “real intelligent life form” in the universe, and that the three-dimensional Earth field of perceivable reality is the only “real” reality and thus all things must be explained within the perceivable confines of that reality.
In researching UFO phenomena the officials tend to look for data and correlations that will prove their own theories and assumptions, rather than investigating the phenomena as an active reality from which there is knowledge to gain. More effort is put into disproving the reality of the phenomena than is applied to investigating what information the phenomena is presenting that will add to the understanding of how reality works.

In regard to three-dimensional mechanical UFO sightings the first series of intelligent questions that should be asked involve how the object behaves in relation to the known laws of physics as they are presently understood. Does the object exhibit behavior consistent with those laws, or are there anomalies in its exhibited characteristics that seem to contradict or push beyond the scope of those “laws” as they are presently known? If more attention is paid to such questions, the phenomena themselves would lead researchers to add information to their present bank of laws.

Time, space and perception are intimately intertwined. Science and physics have already lent credence to the “theory” that time is not linear in nature as once thought. The mechanics of quantum physics present a solid argument for the curvature of time and the possibilities of “times” coexisting in overlay formation...one sequence of events being superimposed over others and each functioning within their own “coordinate pattern” or frequency band. Within these “theories” are the realities that will give your science the ability to expand its framework of understanding enough to begin asking the right questions in regard to three-dimensional UFOs.

We are presenting this information to you because it is time for humanity to “take its head out of the sand,” and face the realities that are everywhere presenting themselves.

The appearance of three-dimensionally perceivable UFOs of the mechanical type should lead first to questions of whether or not the object behaves in accordance with known physical laws or whether it exhibits properties not consistent with laws of “solid matter.” Did it display erratic movement patterns or maneuvering abilities seemingly superior to those of known vessels of transport in the earth system? When such events are encountered it is usually assumed (if the sightings' reality is given any credibility at all) that the UFO must be a physical vessel of transport, made of solid matter and possessing a mechanical technology advanced in comparison to your own. This is not always the case.

Some three-dimensional mechanical-type UFOs are indeed solid vessels. Some are quite terrestrial in nature and are born of the secret scientific societies that exist within the Earth's governmental structures; we call these covert constructions the Interior Government. In sightings involving this group the government will not “own up to” its flying devices, as to do so would require revealing that it is in possession of technologies that are superior to what it has led the public and general scientific communities to believe. It is easier to allow such sightings to fall “between the cracks” and join the ranks of other UFO sightings or unexplained phenomena, rather than to incite individuals to begin asking the right questions. Much is being withheld globally by such government underground, including many developments concerning your own technologies as well. Your sciences and physics are far more advanced than you have been led to believe, and this cover up of information has been a consciously orchestrated deception emanating from the highest places within your governmental hierarchies. You have technologies and knowledge presently within your culture that could literally wipe out most of the maladies you experience on a global scale, but this knowledge is being kept from you by segments of your own populace. The knowledge in the possession of the underground elite would literally disintegrate all the present cultural structures as you know them, from science to health care, economics and religion. So do not expect the governments to “own up to” even their own witnessed UFOs unless they are hard pressed for an alternative program of disinformation. They will use whatever tactics necessary to squelch the expansion of the knowledge they hold. We will provide more information on the Interior Government in later writings. However, some three-dimensional mechanical UFOs are not simply covert developments of the technologically elite, they are far more.

Some such UFOs are indeed “space ships” or vessels of transport belonging to other intelligent species within your galactic sector. Yes, you are being visited, watched and studied by various other cultures of intelligent beings that you are not yet, as a whole, aware of. And yes, some of your UFO sightings involve solid-matter vessels piloted by such life forms. Many of these visitors are indeed from “outer space” as you think of it, and some of these groups are in active workings with your Interior Government. But not ALL of your three-dimensional UFOs fit into these aforementioned categories. There is quite often much more to the UFO than “meets the eye,” as you will soon discover.

Deciphering UFOs
You must begin to realize the truths hidden within your mathematics and geometries, for in the mechanics of these sciences the existence of multiple worlds (parallel Earths) and dimensions is indicated and will one day be proven as fact. There are Parallel Earth Systems and there are portals through time that link your world with others and with other versions of itself. Some of these other worlds (Earths) have a more advanced technology than your own. Some know how to use the Time Portal System and explore your reality just as you might explore life upon another planet, if you had the ability and knowledge to do so.

Many of your sightings of mechanical-type and light-formation type UFOs emanate from these other systems. At times objects (and people) from these parallel systems interface briefly with your system, and they can appear in a variety of different forms. What you might see as a “cigar-shaped object” hovering in the sky in your reality may in actuality be a house, a car or a weather pattern from a parallel dimension interfacing with your time-space coordinate accidentally. Such phenomena are not necessarily “vessels” or “travel craft” at all, but common objects from a parallel system that appear in different form when they interface with the electromagnetic frequency bands of your dimension. In your photographs they may appear as discs or craft, but in such cases that would be an illusion created by dimensional distortion. Not all discs or UFOs fit into this category either but it will serve your research well if you are aware of this possible explanation, for many of your sightings are just this phenomenon in action.

Other discs and vessels are actual solid-matter transport devices but these will emanate from within your own dimensional system, either from human-related sources or from sources of an extra-terrestrial nature. To further this point a bit we will add that many of your “naturally occurring” biophysical phenomena (such as ball lightening) are also sightings of the interdimensional kind. Sightings so common that your scientists consider them part of the organic operations of planetary physics. These common interdimensional phenomena (lightning, thunder, magnetic variations, etc.) are actually the residual effect of action taking place within other dimensional fields.

As you may now see, when addressing the issue of UFOs you are not dealing with events that have only one explanation. All of the proposed explanations do apply but it is up to you to discover which one you are dealing with in each case.

For your information, the US government does possess three-dimensionally solid wreckage from various craft not of human manufacture. This wreckage has come from two primary places, and some of it is not wreckage at all. There have been vessels of transport from parallel dimensional systems that passed through the time and dimensional portal structures and emerged within your system. These craft are not equipped to deal with magnetism as it exists within your dimension, and they most often crash or incinerate upon entry. There are four such wreckage fragments presently in the possession of the US government. Two of these originate from systems parallel to your own and two have come from third-dimensional systems outside of your Milky Way galaxy.

The wreckage of these four aforementioned vessels is the least of which your government is attempting to hide. There exist several hundred other vessels of advanced technology harbored by the US government alone (many more globally), but these were not the result of reconnaissance. The vessels and instrumentation we speak of were traded…presented as a gift from those whose culture created them…a culture your government has been aware of since 1926 and actively involved in negotiations with since 1934.

Wake up humans! If you continue to believe without question the information concerning UFOs and extra-terrestrial life presented to you by your government and media, you will effectively render yourselves blind and powerless over the true reality within which your lives are couched—a reality that you need to be aware of before you allow yourselves to fall victim to the disinformation that has been hand fed to you for generations. If you think that your human species is alone and superior within the universe you are in for a rude awakening! Within the next 50 to 60 years of your time the reality of which we speak will become painfully obvious to many of you, even to those who choose to keep their heads in the sand and pretend away the existence of extraterrestrial and multidimensional reality. Your awakening does not have to be painful—not if you are prepared, not if you are informed. And so we seek to make available to you the information you will need in order to make a smooth transition into multilevel inter-galactic consciousness—the next stage of growth upon the pathway of human evolution.

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Types of UFOs
The three-dimensional mechanical-type UFOs we have discussed thus far can be placed into the following four categories:
those belonging to covert government operations who will maintain a policy of non-disclosure and denial regarding sightings of their crafts.
those representing interdimensional anomalies from parallel systems that appear as vessels but in actuality represent other phenomena as they appear when interfacing with your system.
actual craft from other dimensions that emerge through the Time and Dimensional Portal Systems.
actual craft belonging to human or extra-terrestrial cultures that emerge through the Time Portal System from locations within the third-dimensional universe.

In all of these cases the craft appear physically solid, some having material wreckage left behind as validation of their existence. There have been photographs, film, radar and eye-witness accounts of all such phenomena, though rarely are your sightings researchers able to make distinctions between these categories unless obvious visitor presence is indicated.
There are other categories of UFOs related to these which need to be addressed. Quite often there are reports of encounters with UFOs that do not have the characteristic physical vessel structures as mentioned above. Often reports of “paranormal” activity also fall into this category. Frequently sightings of this sort are dismissed as naturally occurring atmospheric anomalies or mental aberrations. We are referring here to the sightings and encounters of phenomena that appear as light-form manifestations. There is a wide variety of such displays ranging from simple “flashes” or “sheets” of light (witnessed both indoors and outdoors) to large appearances of spherical light forms, singularly or in group formation, that appear as three-dimensional energy forms. Often when these are photographed they appear as UFOs though usually a vessel or solid-mass source of light emanation cannot be found. Some encounters involve the appearance of such light-form activity which then manifests into a solid-mass vessel sighting or an odd experiential journey on the part of the witness.
These light-form sightings are much easier to discount as insignificant as they breach the boundaries between the “seen and unseen”…the physical and ethereal…the “real and unreal.” There are many more accounts of such encounters than you realize, but most often they go unreported or easily discounted by scientific and governmental communities. Witnesses themselves frequently discount their own perceptions as quirks of vision or imagination. Though some light-form activity can be explained in terrestrial terms as naturally occurring or psychological phenomena, many of these encounters are not so easily explained. We would like to “shed some light” on the subject for you.

Previously we described the type of UFO in the solid matter category that was in actuality a manifestation created through the interface of your system with a parallel or adjacent dimensional world. Some being actual vessels, and others only appearing as such as they passed through your system’s frequency bands. Not all of these interdimensional phenomena appear as solid objects when they are within the electromagnetic patterns of your world. More often than not light (flashes, forms, pulsations, movements) will be the indication that an interdimensional interface has occurred.
Again, as with the solid object sightings, not all of these represent an intentional “visitation” by some intelligent force. Many are simply part of the mechanics of physics as they operate within a multi-dimensional reality system such as your own. (Physics your scientists are just beginning to discover and are far from comprehending). However, just because some of the interdimensional manifestations are not purposely directed by sentient life forms does not mean that all of them are accidental and intrinsic to natural laws. Some such interdimensional phenomena are indeed directed purposely by intelligent beings from other systems, both of human and nonhuman origins.
Some of these manifestations involve the Interdimensional Time Portal System directly and allow humans in other dimensional worlds or time-space coordinates to interact with and study your system. In these cases your UFOs are actually human “earthlings,” but they have their home in a dimension closely adjacent to your own. Some would be from your past, some from your future and some from alternate presents. But not all such visitations would be from those in human form.

Extraterrestrial Visitation
There are other highly intelligent non-human species residing in your universe; for your comfort we suggest that you get used to this idea as soon as possible. Of the light-formation sightings we mentioned most do not fall into the two groupings we have discussed. Most are not accidental dimensional interface phenomena or natural atmospheric anomalies nor are they intentional interdimensional probes sent by sentient life forms in other dimensions. Though some light-formation sightings do fall into these categories most fall into a third category—a category you might loosely call “alien visitation.”

In choosing this term we are implying that most of the light-formation sightings witnessed in your times are the direct result of extraterrestrial involvement with your planet. Within your own universal structure, in your three-dimensional band, there exist an enormous variety of sentient, intelligent life. Your scientists will not find much evidence of these cultures until they break the primary codes of your three-dimensional time structure. There are time zones within your universe, as well as multiple dimensions of those time zones. Though the mechanics of these two systems are intertwined they represent two separate areas of study.
The Time Portal System, as we call it, involves a system of interlocking passageways that keep in motion a set of “locks” or “gates” between time elements in your linear time structure within your three-dimensional frequency band. The Dimensional Lock System differs from the Time Portal System in that its mechanics operate and maintain the dimensions and frequency bands themselves linking multi-dimensional universes not just time zones within the same universe/dimension.

The Visitors
In terms of your “alien” visitors, or extraterrestrials, we are referring specifically to those visitors who approach your reality from within the Time Portal System. That is, they are not interdimensional so much as they are inter-time, emanating from different time coordinates within your three-dimensional interstellar system. So most of your light-form UFOs are indeed extraterrestrial intelligence interacting directly with you.
There are seven cultures (world cultures and their various sub-cultures) within your three-dimensional Time Portal System who possess the knowledge and technology necessary to interact with Earth in such a way. Two of these cultures are primarily responsible for all such visitations (light formation, solid mass and crop circle events). The remaining five are not involved with your planet or galactic system. Of these two world cultures one group is more advanced than the other in terms of brotherhood.

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