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Mojo Demon

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Hands of Mojo
Early hijack stage Mojo Demon
Mojo worm
Mojo worm #2
Severe Mojo Teratoma Tumor 1 komentar
Teratoma Tumor 1 komentar
Teratoma Tumor
Teratoma Teeth 1 komentar
Teratoma Hair
Mature cystic teratoma of ovary 1 komentar
'Total Recall' Mojo Demon Impression
Teratoma Teeth & Hair
Teratoma Legs
Teratoma Tumor

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A Mojo spirit is the spirit of a dead person that is desperately clinging to the Earth plane.

These spirits normally lived their previous lives ignoring spiritual elements and just indulging in sex, drugs, drink, food, TV etc.

They enter the crown chakra of living people who are living similar physically self indulgent lives and attempt to grow themselves a new physical body inside the living person.

Eventually this can result in the living person being diagnosed with a teratoma tumour which can contain hair, teeth, eyes and a nose.

Chris Everard explains in this video clip here ...

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Here is a shocking picture of a teratoma tumour. If you rotate it you can clearly make out that it is a face with hair, eyes, nose, teeth and even an arm ...


Here is a description of teratoma tumours ...

Teratoma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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