14. september 2008 ob 20:52 | 486
everybody Line Up
the Show Is About To Start
places, The Show Is About To Start
you Have To Show A Look, Have A Look, Or Give A Look
faces, Beautiful
no One Ugly Allowed
are You Ready? Here We Go
fashion Is The Art, Designers Are The Gods. models Play The Part Of Angels In The Dark. which One Of You Would Ever Dare To Go Against. that Beauty Is A Trade And Everyone Is Paid.
new York, London, Paris, Milano. tokyo, I Think It's In Japan. asia, Malaysia, Las Vegas To Play. la, If You Pay My Way.
sean John, Calvin Klein
donna Karan's Fashion Line
valentino, Ysl
ferragamo And Chanel
Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci
Don’t forget my Pucci
Fendi and Armani
God I miss Gianni
Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors
Mr. Ford I can’t afford
D&G and BCBG
Looking good is never easy
Alexandre Herchcovitch
Naomi Campbell’s such a bitch
i Wanna Be Delgada
to Fit Into My Prada
oscar De La Renta
louis Vuitton
imitation Of Christ, Beauty Has A Price…

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