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The longer that the French general lay inactive in the true religion jeans outlet, front of the British ghd hair straightener, lines, the more skechers shape ups, his fi ficultie increased. The heavy rains falling at that season of the year, rendered it impossible for him to bring up his heavy artillery. From the same cause the Mondego had overflown its banks. He was hemmed in on every side. To at« tack the mbt, allies, posted as they wer, would have been madness ; to retreat northwards, extremely hazardous, if not altogether "impos sible. The hardships and suffering of the army for want of provisions, and the danger of absolute famine, have alrfeady been described. In these circumstances he had only a choice of difficulties. hair straighteners, To endeavour, by enlarging his quarters, to maintain himself on the right bank of the Tagus, until he should receive both a reinforcement of men, together with a Supply of stores and provisions, or to make a desperate attempt to cross the Tagus, and support himself in the Alentejo ; which, however, he Could not have done for any great length of time, as that province is but a poor country. He made a nike air max 2009, shew, however, for occupying the attention of the allies by the construction of boats, pontoons, and flying bridges, of intending this; while, at the same time, he moved farther up ifctf river, exchanged Akfttqueer fof Santarem, which he strengthened by adding art to the adiatifages which it enjoyed by ghd, nature, even by laying its environs nnder water. The French position formed s triangle, of which Santarem and the Tagus were the base; the Zczere one of the legs, and a chaio of mountains coach purses, the other. Bridges were thrown across the Zezere, and a body of troops was stationed at Punbete, which was fortilied. In November and December, the cavalry, or ,, were dispersed in cantonments along tbe right of tlw Tagos, so fer a the borders of Upper Beira Redoubts coach handbags, were constructed at different points on the same side of the river. Thus the circle Mai aenn had to depend on for subsistence was somewhat widened, and be looked forward to the reinforcements and supplies which he expected from Drouet reebok easytone, and Gordonne ou the one true religion jeans, hand, and from mbt, Mortier on the other. Drouefs corps, , strong, with a large convoy, arrived early in December, and, some weeks thereafter, that under Gordonne, nrarly equal in number. Towards Ihe end of that month, detachments from the army of Mortier, and that of Soult, to tbe number of or ,, having quitted Andalusia, Coach Bags were on their march on ihe left of the Tagus, throngh Estremadura. When Drouet was advancing through the coach, valley of Mondego, Col. Wilson, to avoid an unequal contest, abandoned Coimbra, and retired true religion, on Espinhal.

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