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Deputies elected mbt, to the Cortes even in the Provinces ghd, occupied by the French.' Meeting, Installation, and Transactions of the Dorics.Political Cmduct of King Joseph in Spain.His Situation there very coach, uneasy and unpleasant .The Measures adopted for conciliating the Spaniards, by Joseph, condemned Coach Bags by Napoleon.Atrocities committed by the French Generals in Spain.The Duke of Orleans invited toAnd dismissed.issued a spirited and energetic adpended on flight. They wen ress to the Spanish nation, rouz again to reorganize themselvesing them to a defiance ghd hair straightener, of the in reappear, to stand, and to multiplyvaders, even in true religion jeans outlet, the midst of their themselves by the rapidity of theirtriumphs; and gave orders for marches, and their acquaintance aising nike air max 2009, the greatest possible num with all the roads and defiles,her c" detached corps. It parti Among the most renowned chiefscularly named three, of men or true religion, leaders of tbe Guerillas so the ach; the third part cavalry. It parties of armed coach purses, Spaniards werelikewise ordered smaller ones to called,were Longa, in Gallicia e raised in proportion reebok easytone, to tbe po aod Asturiass Mina, in the northpulation of the parishes, or other ofCastille; Santochildea, in Leoojdistricts, into which the province Don Juan Sanchez, near Salaxnaoof Estramadura was divided, sub cba; Baron Deroles, in Arragoa,ordinate to the three principal and lEmpecinadof in the viciones. Tbe order of the Junta nity of Madrid, specified also the weapons to be The French troops, after theused. These were only two the retreat of Lord Wellington,coach,
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mbt, andmusket, and the cuchillo, or side the total defeat of the main Spaknife : the musket for attacking nish army under General Ariessga,the enemy's convoys and detach were dispersed in different todjnents by ambush coach handbags, and surprize; distant stations, for procuring soband the cuchillo for skechers shape ups, attacks by sistence, and keeping the territonight and in the streets. Similar ries they had overrun in sotgeporders true religion jeans, were immediately issued by tion. The allied array presettedthe Junta of Gallicia, and of Astu a formidable force on the frontierrias. But even without the inter of Spain. The French, ifi .vention of any public authorities prosecution of their grand jde&o,throughout all Spain, even in most the reduction of Cadiz and'Xisof the provinces overrun, and bon, were obliged to coucentjtttepartly occupied mbt, by the French,their forces. This operated pf tOld Castille, Leon, Navarre, Arra diversion in favour of tbfc hair straighteners, Goegon, Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia, rillas. Many places occupiedand Grenada, parties were formedfore by tbe French, fell iito to fall suddenly on the French and hands of tbe Guerillas. AiAooftheir panizans, to arrest their these were Oviedo and Gijtfi, kconvoys, carry off their advanced Asturias.

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