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 Capital has its initial profit of loi. per cent.  labour has its initial profit in the form of average wages  and all beyond this is equally divided between the two. But it is not to the cessation of strikes only that this success is due. It is caused at least as much by the improvement immediately visible in the character of the work done. The world is as yet a long way from a complete observance of the golden rule, and a man works very differently when he has only to consider how to be diligent enough tiffany & co outlet to escape observation or dismissal, tory burch flats and when he is conscious that every addition to his master's income may in its degree be an addition to his own.
In coal mining this discrepancy is even more apparent than in other trades, from the impossibility of subjecting hermes handbags the work done to any effective supervision, and tiffany and co outlet Mr. Briggs pointed out in his original address tory burch outlet to his workmen, tiffany jewelry outlet three ways in which a little additional thought hermes outlet on the part of every man employed might effect a saving of hermes bags upwards of 3,oooZ. a-year. It will be at once evident how powerful u motive to diligent labour is introduced by proprietors who can honestly say to their men, ' We have endeavoured to make your real interest so identical with our own that every man who by neglect or carelessness wastes the property of the company is reducing the amount available for bonus on the general earnings.
' Such a consciousness, more than anything tory burch shoes else, will make men careful themselves, and watchful over their fellows." tory burch sale V.  A Trade Society. As an example of a successful organisation, in hermes bags outlet course apparently of further and rapid development, the account of one year's proceedings of the Friendly Operative Carpenters' and Joiners' Society will be read with interest. The statement is taken from the Manchester Guardian of the 20th November  " It is somewhat of a novelty for trade unions to publish elaborate and detailed reports of their proceedings. Such a report has just been issued tiffany outlet by the society named above, for the year ending August, 1866.

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