My Life!!!

12. januar 2014 ob 06:20 | 86
This is where is all really started for me is my older brother rape me and that is what he did to me not a long story there it got taken care of after i told but i was in counseling. Then my older sister decided she wanted to beat me. The thing is that it wasn't only her hitting me she would throw things at me and more. I loved her and i was so young i didn't know better to tell anyone plus she would say she would do something to hurt my family if i told anyone.And with me being so young i didn't want my family hurt and i didn't want that to happen to my younger sister i thought after she would hit on me she would o to her and i am very happy she didn't because that is one thing i know for sure i dont want my other sisters hurt at all. And the day i did tell one her she was out of the house in states care because she decided she wanted to hit my mom and my mom said to the officers "I am not going to be hit on by anyone not even by my daughter". That was the time i felt safe. Then after awhile she came back.... TO BE CONTINUE!

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