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srbian fri

Proven Croats are descendants of Serbs News | 2012/12/02 | 15:22 The study of genetic similarities and genetic origin of ...

Iiztok 21. april 2017 70
folk music

Narodnozabavna music (the author of the name: Janez Bitenc) is a musical genre characterised by folk (ethnic) - tinged songs. ...

Iiztok 18. april 2017 81
srbian du

A renowned historian reveals: Severina Serbs, Oliver Dragojević, Karamarko, Mamić, the Vast ... ad Bozhidar Kljajević, known Belgrade ethnologist, historian, ...

Iiztok 18. april 2017 60

SERBIAN Courier claims to have some of the most famous Croatian performers light note of Serbian origin, who are trying ...

Iiztok 18. april 2017 38
slo music

helo mother some great music adii smolar,ditka čepin ,strain gurin,alja krušič.lina kuduzovič the only problem is in the gl urednikih ...

Iiztok 18. april 2017 31
janez drnovsek

As a young economist he immediately after graduation in 1973, he was in the company IGM Zagorje, and in 1981 ...

Iiztok 15. april 2017 54

helo we have prečej better singer,singers as we are offering rtv slo at these music competitions, ema,slo song simply does ...

Iiztok 14. april 2017 58
ernest repic

hello I would like to write for words of died more from hotinje the village he was driektor that has ...

Iiztok 14. april 2017 42

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