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14. april 2017 ob 18:52 | 28
hello alja krušič is not Slovene but Croatian Slovene in croatia is called the bay of donja krušičZaliv Donja Krušica is located in the city of Donje Selo and is the ideal place for a quiet holiday. To the bay you can reach by road Rogac-Grahote-Donje Selo, and then along the narrow road to the bay. Before arrival in Donjo Krušico, we recommend shopping in large shops on the island, because the bay has no shops, restaurants . The small harbor is filled with fishing boats and meet the idilo of the city. Beaches are rocky with concrete parts for the swimmers, which you can count on the fingers. On the beaches no cafes, no extra content, which allows you to complete rest for body and soul. Enjoy in clean sea and a quiet cove.

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