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Narodnozabavna music (the author of the name: Janez Bitenc) is a musical genre characterised by folk (ethnic) - tinged songs. Prevalent mainly in Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and Germany, but also in the Czech republic and in Italy (south Tyrol). In the us it is known and widespread, yet most thanks to a number of narodnozabavnih ensembles. This kind of music is often present at the festivities, weddings, it is devoted also quite a few festivals and competitions. Some of her slabšalno say beef muska or what govedna, this is because to make this music, as menu connoisseur Ivan Sivec, probably fall next Sunday beef soups. This music is closely connected to its most significant instrument, it is a diatonic accordion (dialog frajtonerica), which is in our room well-represented at the expense of about 65 manufacturers. In narodnozabavnih songs principally two patterns: the polka and waltz. Lately with the influence of modern popular music also present other rhythms. So many companies nowadays not only performed narodnozabavne music, but also a fun, turbo-folk and drugovrstno music. The contents of the 1 History 2 Known slovenian singers who have to sing/sing in narodnozabavnem ensemble 3 See also 4 External links History Narodnozabavna music has evolved from folk music, which is meant godčevsko playing and folk singing. Its origins date back to 19. century, when with the invention and emergence of the diatonic accordion rapidly spread. Especially after the 2. world war ii, the number of ensembles started to rapidly rise. Initially, they were ensembles of amateur, but later also professional. For the maximum in narodnozabavne music in the us and in the world true He Composed, which, with its Ensemble of the brothers Composed in the 40 years of operation, starting in 1953, created a huge song of songs (around 800), of which there are many ponarodelih. The most known song in The Golici, which is considered the most frequently played instrumental song in the world. Composed the also beginner now widely extended "tresočega" (udarjajočega) the playing of the accordion, which serves for the accompaniment of the song. One of the most famous ensembles in Slovenia also applies the Lojze Slak Ensemble, which has a focus on folk stained melodies and texts. The longest-acting ensemble in the us are the Venetian guys who preigravajo and create music since the year 1952.

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