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As a young economist he immediately after graduation in 1973, he was in the company IGM Zagorje, and in 1981 obtained a master's degree on the topic of the analysis of the organisational development of the typical construction company. In the beginning of the 80. years 20. the century was employed as the director of the Ljubljanska banka in Trbovlje. For one year he served as the economic counselor of the yugoslav embassy in egiptovskem Cairo. In 1986 at the University of Maribor phd with the theme of the International monetary fund and Yugoslavia. In 1999 he discovered the cancer of the kidney, and then he removed one kidney. In December 2005 he confirmed that he has in addition to son Jaše also izvenzakonsko daughter, skladateljico Nano Forte.[3][4] 17. in January 2006, in an interview for the Croatian newspaper Nacional stated that they have him in 2001 discovered the newly established metastasis to the lung, and later continue on to the liver; anticancer, until January 2004, struggled with alternative medicine, and before that mainly for medical reasons deny the eating of flesh (he was indeed a vegetarian), and then abandoned any treatment, which has sparked a public debate about the responsibility of politicians to their health.[5][6] At the end of the 25. in October 2007, at the inauguration of the new Onkološkega institute in Ljubljana said that some people treat cancer the only effective method.[7] Internal policy In 1986 he became the slovenian delegate Assembly of republics and regions SFRJ; this duty he performed until 1989, when he was elected a member of the presidency of the SFRJ. 15. in may 1989 he became president of the Presidency of the SFRJ; the duty of the president and served one year up to 15. may 1990. 1992 became president of the party (LDS), which he remained until 2003. The same year he became president of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia; this position he held until 2002, except with nekajmesečno a pause for the time Bajukove government in 2000. 1. December 2002 was elected president of the republic of Slovenia with the intended end of his term in 2008. In march 2004 he was appointed honorary senator of the European academy of sciences and arts.[8] 30. in January 2006, after 14 years, formally resigned from the party (LDS). As reason has stated that it wants to completely devote to the newly created civil-social Movement for justice and development. 23. April 2007 is the official message, that the next presidential elections, does not intend entering the competition for a second term. In the years 2003-2005 he organized ten Talks on the future of Slovenia and the president of the republic. Define them as: "..a series of discussions that will promote and moderiral the president of the republic with a group of slovenian razumnikov." dedicated to: "...the strategic issues of Slovenia's development in the 21.century." Foreign policy Drnovšek with His Putin in 2001 Drnovšek with Jacques Delorsom in 2004 When a secretary of the Holy see for relations with the countries of April 2007, Drnovšek said that it was His plan most of which can be former Finnish president offered sprtima sides in Kosovo, but the ideal solutions of accumulated problems, which would be acceptable to all, obviously not. It is therefore important that the international community and the political leadership of Serbia support the plan.[9] Death Janez Drnovšek died 23. February 2008 home on Zaplani after a long fight with cancer. He died a week after this, when he was 17. in February 2008 in public online forums and various web pages appeared nepreverljiva the news of his death, that his cabinet is not commented. Soon after the death of his body upepelili. He is buried was in the narrow family circle, employment in zagorje ob Savi. hello I would like to write the truth about j,d with the policy of the zacel deal very young at the end has changed because of the illness of john drnovška workers do not have love because of where he was busy everywhere, the fired him

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