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14. april 2017 ob 18:46 | 33
ina Kuduzović, talented girl, whose parents are originally from Bosnia, in recent years, his voice and perceptions of the world hits the charms of music professionals in many countries. Significant progress has been made this year dječijem Eurovision, which is like the representative of Slovenia is in third place with 112 points. This 12-year-old, whose parents Sebina and Denis Cazina, was born in Slovenia, and from early childhood had a love for music and singing. Lina is already four years old began to sing, and with six to participate in various musical events and competitions. Each year has seen progress in her singing and in the year of 2010. the year he won the competition "Slovenia has got talent". The final will be held in the hall "Tivoli" in Ljubljana, and Lina got the most votes of the audience. LINA Talented Lina 2011. years in Slovenia, recorded his first CD with 15 other songs. Talking about the songs of world stars. Always has been, and remains, a role model Bijonse Nouls (Beyonce Knowles). She had an opportunity to hear at her concert in Zagreb, and neostvarena life, her desire to personally meet you. From music stars from the region, her favorite Dino Merlin. From the Line at the eurovision song contest in 2015 is to be better representative of the Malta Destini Čukunjere performed the song, which is Not my soul (Not my soul), which is the first place, and a representative of the Jermenije, which ranked second with 176 points.

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