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he same that the problems of the slovenian language and the Slovenians viewed with the urgency required multi-discipliniranostjo, again we are studying the already known information and correct a child with new insights from many different areas. So we come to the surprising conclusion that the traditional scientists obscured and their mind closed, because mostly only prepisujejo from other traditional authors. or share each other different zablode. While some of the leading Slovene historians trying to prove. that we Had emerged only recently and that the slovenian state Karantanija just a myth, that sanity has long been know that Austrians are not Germans, but only ponemčeni staroselski Slovenes. Similarly, due to relocation in today's Slovenia, we cannot assert that all the citizens of Slovenia and Slovenes, but this claim is largely correct. 1 Report of the National register Folksong from the beginning of the 20.chair., make it clear on the basis of the summary of the entire raznaradovalne images : As I said, is nemštvo only artificial, made with terrorism. Similarly to Gozo, the situation for the whole of Austria, only ponemčevanje in the northern and western austrian regions happened before. Some argue that ponemčevanje the original inhabitants of today's Austria against the natural way , a look that she had in the early ponemčevanju fingers in between solnograška the church. On germanizatorskih trends and ventures, the national park of the church, already in the 9. century they also speak of the sources. In the middle of the 19.chair. the ponemčeno slovenian territory, namely well-matched with the territory, which is governed by the solnograško nadškofijo. If we come to such a finding of domestic authors, we are not taken seriously, or in his mental modesty even mock from this. Therefore we are happy to come to confirmation of our theses also from the foreign logos. But not due to the fact that liberal Slovenes get a confirmation of that which is indisputable, we all already know. Foreign certificates are required for those who have yourself lack of confidence, that I venture to raise the head from the swamps overdue from delusion. But unfortunately they are such Slovenians often on important sites of social action.

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