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18. april 2017 ob 17:47 | 54
A renowned historian reveals: Severina Serbs, Oliver Dragojević, Karamarko, Mamić, the Vast ... ad Bozhidar Kljajević, known Belgrade ethnologist, historian, geographer and writer, which this year marks four decades of studies genealogijo and Serbian genealogijo reveals some well-known Croats and Bosniaks from Serbian origin. - For example, the leader of HDZ Tomislav Karamarko is the Serbian name and the roots, but also the current Croatian prime minister Zoran Milanović, and to express their nationalist Anto Đapić. Đapić are orthodox christians from the area from nikšić, which celebrates the Holy Aćima and Anu, and they are still there - says Kljajević and says that there is "Serbian" in croatia šovbiznisa. The intersection of the Serbian migration - Marko Perković Thompson, the contractor and the nationalist ustaškega songs, comes from Domazetovic from Nikšiću peas and animatorka with Severina Vučković from around Trebinje. The Serbian rod are Arsen Dedić, Darko Rundek, Oliver Dragojević i Vast (Nemanjic generation through the female line), then the owner of the Dynamo Zdravko Mamić, the captain of the Croatian football Darijo Srna (rod Malisevo) and the ancestors of the tennis player Goran Ivanisevic (Grand plemićki rod Borojević) . I Nikola, the father of scholars Ruđer Bošković was a Serb. His last name is Pokrajčić, the celebrated St. George, and later converted to caştholicism, that would be free to trade in Dubrovnik. This is the one, who in the late 17. century, the Turks bought the hand of the holy Save and returned to the Serbian orthodox church ... So are data from my book "The old plemiška family in Herzegovina", show that the area was in the history of the largest crossroads of Serbian migration, and not surprisingly, many of today's muslims and catholics stems from the Serbian noble families - says our source. Turning to genealogijo Bosniaks, Bozhidar mention of the deceased leader of the SDA Suleiman Tihić, whose ancestors celebrate st. Luke. - I Ejup ganić ancestors were Serbs. Bosnian muslims and others, who have moved to the entry of the Serbian noble family of the high, medium and lower levels. In fact, they were under the Turks need to change the faith and personal names to preserve their privileges and property, but still maintain the serb surnames, and have declared that the Serbs of three religions. Although the mass of converts to islam, have never agreed with the real Turks, as evidenced by the fact that very few real Turks in Bosnia - Kljajević countries and confirms that it is the Serbian people and Was Komšića, head of the newly established democratic front. - He applies for Hrvate, or Komsici old Serbian family. Čovići from Herzegovina there were also some serb families, and Čengići, which are part of the noble family of the Orlovic. On the other hand, Izetbegović, based on my research, the peripheral name that has no special significance, although it was Ali Izetbegović head of the Bosniaks - the real Kljajević. ad

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