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SERBIAN Courier claims to have some of the most famous Croatian performers light note of Serbian origin, who are trying to cover up by wearing t-shirts with the image of Tuđmana, and which belong to the HDZ. "While in Serbia be happy to host a racial Hrvate as alka, magazines, Emilia Kokić, Ivana Banfić, Sandi Cenova and other tasks in the četniškega audience persistently avoided those performers whose veins - shame! - Running Serbian blood cannot be! finds that a Milorad or Jovan their uncles, brothers, uncles ... "- writes the Courier that he" investigated "the origin of Croatian stars. The Problem, as every day he writes the Courier, annoyed Oliver, Doris, Severin, Nina Simone and others. "How are complex due to (unwanted) citizenship of the strong, is the fact that Severina wore a shirt with a picture of Tuđmana to the chest, and publicly supported the war criminals Anteja Cash and Mirko Norac, although living in Belgrade, sister, that because of" patriotism "did not want to visit the more than ten years! "- Said in the text of the Courier. Serbian tabloid from "reliable sources" learned Oliver fears that his performance in Serbia, because Serbian origin for the always closed the door with a "šahovničara". Doris, whose ancestors from the surroundings of Pljevlja, said singing "the national anthem" "Danke Deutschland" and "spitting" by the countrymen, who were allegedly forced to twenty years ago to sing "Hey, Jugoslovani". "The serbs are Arsen Dedić (his brother Milutin, who lives in Belgrade, said in an interview for the Courier details on the origin of the Heir), Fancy (his father is from novi sad, and he himself was born in Belgrade, but not on the" coup ", because instead of exemplary katoličanov became a member of the Hare Krišna), Rajko Dujmić (originally Banija, in recent years, is a lifeline for health problems, requested in prayer with the orthodox monasteries in Lepavina and Mountain Kotarju), Vlado Kalember ..." - writes the Courier. For the tabloid claims, which are native Serbs and Nina, Mr, Drago Diklić and Massimo, who never argues

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