Cristiano Ronaldo: Tested To The Limit

13. september 2011 ob 13:59 | 1874
In an innovative documentary, Castrol pushed Cristiano Ronaldo to the limit in a series of tests designed to measure Ronaldo’s footballing skills, strength, agility and mental toughness.

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It is arguably the most rigourous scientific examination of a football player ever taken as Ronaldo (a Castrol global ambassador) is literally tested to the limit – our inside sources told us of how, after several hours of grueling tests, Ronaldo was almost ready to collapse from fatigue but still managed to put in 110% in every single test he was presented with.

The documentary aims to give football fans an exclusive insight into what makes him one of the best footballers of his generation. Highlights include:
- Will his famous trademark free kick have the strength and power to stand up in an explosive encounter against walls of glass?
- How will he fare head to head against an elite sprinter in a unique battle of speed and agility?
- Can his mental strength and intuition help him through the pitch-black cross ball challenge?
- Will his skill, reaction speed, endurance and strength help him outwit trained marksman to survive the ultimate test – ‘Snipers Alley’?

Using ultra slow motion and high impact CGI, and including a series of interviews with football experts including Fabio Capello and Arsène Wenger, the film-documentary aims to give viewers unrivalled access (and insight) to Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Tested To The Limit (1/4)

Cristiano Ronaldo - Tested To The Limit (2/4)

Cristiano Ronaldo - Tested To The Limit (3/4)

Cristiano Ronaldo - Tested To The Limit (4/4)

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