Steve Aoki ft Zuper Blahq - I'm In The House

11. december 2009 ob 15:42 | 559
Steve Aoki ft Zuper Blahq - I'm In The House


Guess who's in the house. Well, Steve Aoki, obviously, since this is the video for his appropriately-titled track 'I'm in the House.' But who else is there? Normally, we wouldn't ruin any surprises, but what the heck? Amongst others, MSTRKRFT, Crookers, LMFAO, the Bloody Beetroots, Pase Rock and Boys Noize all show up. Okay, maybe they're not actually in attendance, but they certainly were invited to Aoki's house party. How do we know? Because the first one to show up to this shindig, Zuper Blahq, gives them shout-outs and proclaims that they are, in fact, "in the house."

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