How 3 Ordinary Americans Are Getting Paid for Their Social Media Posts

31. marec 2015 ob 10:44 | 135
Social media sites are profiting off your posts.
We're talking about raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in ad revenue every time you share your selfies, upload video, or update status.
Last quarter, Facebook reported ad revenue of $3.6 billion, and that’s 53 percent more than just one year ago. According to internet analyst Colin Sebastian, "The vast majority of their $2.2 billion operating income is from selling ads targeted to user news feeds."
Imagine if you could share in some of that money making madness.
A new social media upstart called Tsu is trying to do just that. Tsu gives 90 percent of its revenue back to its users.
In an interview with ABC News’ chief business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis, founder and CEO Sebastian Sobczak explained the name Tsu means “aesthetic ideal" in Japanese.
"We feel that rewarding content creators for the commercial use of their likeness and image is the right thing to do so the name goes exactly where we want to be in the market place," Sobczak told ABC News.
One of the site’s biggest challenges is educating people that they can make money from their posts, Sobczak said.
“We are fighting a philosophy. The status quo is everything is going to be free -- your photos, your status on social. We just think there is a better way to do it,” he said. “If you are the contributor driving all value for these platforms, there are better ways for you to be compensated for your content.”
The site launched in October 2014, and in just four months, over 3 million people have joined.
Even celebrities ranging from New York Knicks basketball star Carmelo Anthony to musicians like 50 Cent have joined. But you don’t have to be famous to make money.
“You could easily be making hundreds of dollars per week. We have users who are of the same ilk as the beginning YouTubers who were not famous and now making a living out of YouTube. We have those same average Joes on Tsu.”


Here are stories of three ordinary Americans making money on Tsu:
ABC News
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