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I am the very pinnacle of Turian society,
I sympathize with nations that live in a notoriety,
From cradle to the grave I will live firmly in fraternity,
And feign a social order to the best of our ability.
It’s practically been agreed by voice of the majority,
My many escapades just serve to further my authority!
I’m only speaking to you with the utmost of sincerity…
A gem amongst the rough like me is something of a rarity!

Both governing and style are simply beautifully elegant,
I’m rather generous when kept inside of our own element.
For long as I remember I was great for nation’s unity,
We are the very pinnacle of Turian society.

Despite my inclination to get little bit too obsessive,
If it gets us to the point where it’s actually too excessive,
I try my very hardest to improve my generosity,
Though many times it’s a lead to the birth of a monstrosity.
I like to think of myself as surprisingly intelligent,
Though I’m going to digress as that thought is quite irrelevant!
Ev’ry fiber of my being holds a front of being affable…
Anyone who says otherwise is merely acting laughable!

My curves and body language are quite obviously apparent,
So feminine, in fact, it’s almost totally as translucent.
Despite my sudden bouts and regular fits of anxiety,
I am the very pinnacle of Turian society.

In fact, when I know how to carry Tokarev and old Spagin,
And I can tell at sight a Heckler rifle from an “M” sixteen,
When such affairs as putsches and uprisings we’re more wary at,
And when I know precisely what is meant by “proletariat”.
I have all learnt what progress has been made in modern gunnery,
Well, I know more of tactics than a novice in a nunnery!
In short, I have a smattering of elemental strategy…
So that the fight is fair and straight and won’t become a blasphemy!

For my military knowledge, though I’m plucky and adventury,
Has only been brought down to the beginning of the century.
But still, it matters, comfortably, aesthetically or stoically,
I am the very pinnacle of Turian society.

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