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“Who ARE the Indigo Children?”
Indigos - Indigo Children

As an indigo Type 3 , it is my duty to help my peers. After reading this information you will know for yourselves to whom I am referring.
Some characteristics of indigos type 3.
- mathematics is your second language. You see functions in a graphical sense not as strange symbols. The world of functions is a world full of graphical images.
- your emotional state can be  high charged (f.e. in crowded areas) .
- you can be very sensitive but also very harsh, the devil and angel in one person.

The MCEO Freedom Teachings ™ Series
Presented by Adashi MCEO LLC in Association with Azurite Press MCEO Inc.
Copyright A’shayana & A’hzayana Deane,
1998 – 2008, All Rights Reserved;
1999 Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings (TM) Series.
“The answer to this question lies squarely within the parameters of their spiritual
nature, for the Indigo distinction lies within the intrinsic spiritual structure,
orientation and origins of their consciousness. The Indigos are indeed a “new
breed” of children because they represent a new breed of consciousness now
entering incarnation with our times. The Indigos are in truth representatives of a
very OLD BREED of consciousness once prevalent on Earth, and in their reemergence
today they serve as harbingers of our race evolution- the wayshowers
of things to come, as our race evolution moves closer to its intended
hidden destination.
There are 3 Primary Types of Indigo Children, each with different versions of the
Oraphim* genetic code, and each serving a different purposes within the present
evolutionary experiment.
Indigo Recessive Type-3 is the most common type of Indigo Child presently
incarnate on Earth. Type-3 Indigos began birthing in very small numbers about 200
years ago. Type-3 Indigo Recessives have the most extremes in polarity issues of
all the Indigos, are highly intelligent, mathematically inclined and athletic and may
have difficulty with emotional bonding issues. May seem like “angel & devil” in 1
body. Like all Indigos, Type-3’s often feel out of place, bored or disinterested in
earthly affairs and can benefit from being acknowledged as Visitors from
Elsewhere that “march to their own drummer.” That is precisely what the
Indigos ARE.
Indigo Recessive Type-2 is the most common type of Indigo Child. Isolated
numbers of the Type-2 Indigos birthed 75-100 years ago, most since the late 1950’s.
Type-2 Indigo Dominents have advanced psychic development and have open
interdimensional contact from birth throughout life. They are gifted in linguistic
translation, the arts, music and interpersonal diplomacy, but may become
excessively introverted due to fear of the earth environment. Type-2’s are the most
personal of the 3 Indigos, and enjoy human bonding if sheltered.
Indigo Composite Type-1 is the most rare type of Indigo. Most entered incarnation
in the 1960’s – 1970’s. Type-1 Indigos have advanced psychic and occasionally
direct manifestation abilities, usually have physical contact with their Elder Race
family in childhood, and have a core life purpose to fulfil advanced planetary grid
work contracts. They are sensitive to everything and often remain detached from
human issues to focus on their service contract. They hold great love within for all life
forms.” [1]
How can we assist Indigos?
“Indigo people of ALL Types, and especially Type-2’s can be assisted by:
• Frequent use of the Temporary Maharic Seal Bio-Regenesis Technique
• Opening the 12th Chakra 6-inches below the feet
• Progressive use of the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System™ for core
template Divine Blueprint alignment.
Various other Holistic Healing modalities and life-style adjustments, such as the
following suggestions, can help bring out the best in any Indigo Child.
• Toning and Colour Therapy
• Controlled Breathing Exercises
• Energy Running and Meditation Techniques.
• Aromatherapy
• Light use of Vitamins and Herbal Supplements.
• Frequent physical exercise
• A diet of healthful organic, chemical free foods with little dairy or red-meat
content. Smaller portions of healthy foods eaten more frequently.
• Daily time away from high-energy situations such as those found in
crowds or groups. Protection from harsh, disturbing or “emotionally
charged” environments; they naturally, subconsciously “model” the mental
and emotional climates around them through direct bio-energetic field coresonance,
often taking the repressed energies of others and expressing
them in amplified form.
• Quiet, low-stimuli home environments, reduced exposure to television
and computer screen viewing and increased daily exposure to natural
sunlight and moon light (indigos are more sensitive to light, sound,
electromagnetic fields and the natural environment than are other humans).
• Non-dogmatic, non-judgemental, explorative spiritual study and inner selfexploration
through writing, art, music, dance, creative visualization, dream
exploration and trained Consciousness Projection (Out-of-Body Travel) using
the Temporary Maharic Seal.
In childhood, and sometimes in adulthood, most Indigo’s need gentle, loving,
affirmative, but not authoritarian, “Coaching Assistance” in learning to focus
their energies and attention. They are more acutely sensitive, on biological,
emotional, mental and astral levels, to the peripheral environment and energy
fields around them and to the inner perceptions and experiences within them. Due
to their genetic design, they often experience pain, pleasure, fatigue, light, sound,
emotion, temperature and vibration much more intensely than other humans. These
elements of experience can be perpetually distracting to Indigos. Indigos benefit by
reduction of distracting elements in their environment (accommodation) and
through progressive, low-key “coaching” using the “Buddy System-WE DO”
approach. Consistent, frequent, loving verbal redirection of their focus of
attention to the desired application, applied simultaneously with gentle, loving,
direct physical touch, and “focusing WITH them”, rather than “telling them to
focus” in a specific way, allows Indigos to adopt the “posture of focus” held by the
“coach”. Through such “Focus Modelling” the Indigo can progressively gain the
energetic cellular imprint through which they become able to more easily regulate
their own mental focus and bio-energetic fields to the desired, “modelled” focus of
conscious awareness (adaptability).” [2]
For further details on Indigos and how to assist them, please contact your local area coordinator
on www.krystalspiral.com. Workshops are available on DVD at
Excerpts from:
[1] Coming into the Light: Secrets of the Indigo Children by A’shayana Deane.
[2] Voyagers, Volume-2, The Secrets of Amenti, Second Edition, By A’shayana
* Race from which Angelic Humans emerged.

Source: http://www.krystalspiral.com/Netherlands/Articles/Indigo%20Children%20article%20-%20approved.pdf

Indigo Awakened

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(excerpt c. 1999)
by Anna Hayes (A'sha-yana Deane)

The Indigo Children are not to be considered "superior or elite" in
comparison to other humans, but rather viewed as living
demonstrations of the dormant abilities that are NOW beginning to
rapidly unfold among ALL HUMAN POPULATIONS.

Scientific communities in China, the US and other countries are now
identifying small groups of infants and children that display rare
abilities such as purging HIV, advanced genius and
psychic/telekinetic abilities and other extra-ordinary attributes.
These are the identified Indigo Children. Indigos can display some or
all of these qualities and others not yet identified. In Indigo
Children, fragments of DNA science identifies as 'junk DNA' and other
portions of the DNA chain that science has yet to identify, are more
organized and operational at birth than in the average populations,
which gives Indigo Children biological, mental and/or spiritual
skills and abilities that appear advanced, compared to that of the
norm, these attributes can also present developmental challenges for
some young indigos, as our present environment and cultural
structures are harmful to humans with the advanced biological and
psychological sensitivities that come with accelerated genetic

One little understood attribute of Indigo advancement is that of
PERCEPTUAL EXPANSION, an accelerated psycho-spiritual biological
orientation and natural usage of sensory abilities that are beyond
the range of the commonly known 5 senses.

Attributes associated with Perceptual Expansion are a direct result
of valid/heightened sensitivity caused by accelerated genetic
development and organic advancement in spiritual orientation. Though
phenomena associated with Perceptual Expansion are increasing among
general populations as a result of human evolutionary progression,
this attribute is more distinct and advanced in Indigo Children,
which places them at risk within the present environmental,
sociological and political atmosphere. The attributes of the Indigo
can rapidly become heightened challenges for them personally and in
relation to those around them.

The phenomena of PERCEPTUAL EXPANSION due to genetic progress is
presently evidenced and demonstrated in global culture through
rapidly increasing occurrences and reports of 'unexplained' events
such as ESP, NDE, OBE, angelic encounters, 'ghosts', inter-
dimensional communications, paranormal activity, Sightings, "UFO-
Abduction', Lucid Dreaming, etc.

Evidence of biological and psychological challenges involving the
genetic acceleration associated with Perceptual Expansion can be
found in:

the increasing frequency of 'senseless crimes' - such as "School Yard

acceleration of suicide and drug use among teens

the progressively advancing appearance of ADD, Behavioral Problems,
Bio-chemical imbalances and allergies among children

the advancement of Thyroid Malfunction, schizophrenia, Bi-polar and
Cognitive disorders Psychosis, cancers, and other maladies among
general populations

In Indigo Children the attributes and challenges of genetic
advancement are amplified.

Presently, professional and scientific establishments attempt to
rationalize away the existence of Perceptual expansion Phenomena
attributing them to imagination, hallucination, mental illness or
deception, because such events cannot be effectively explained within
the current paradigms of Physical Science. More progressive physical
sciences acknowledge the potential existence of multi-dimensional
reality fields, based upon the potentials suggested within the
Quantum Mechanics Theory, but practical applications of such
experimental paradigms are presently unavailable.

Many Indigos are now being mis-diagnosed and inappropriately treated
as cases of ADD, Schizophrenia, Bi-polar Disorder, etc. because of
medical, psychiatric and spiritual communities do not yet recognize
the symptoms , causes and remedies for the biological, perceptual,
psychological and spiritual sensitivities characteristic to
advancement of the human genetic code.

The Indigo Children are the forerunners of what will eventually be
the norm for the human collective as we progress in our genetic
evolution, through Bio-instinctual Response to changing environmental
conditions. Challenges presently faced by the Indigo Children will
progressively become challenges of the norm, as humanity is now
evolving into the genetic acceleration currently exhibited by the
Indigo Children. Medical communities, whose paradigms of treatment
area also based upon common physical science theories, have yet to
recognize the full spectrum of DNA imprinting function or the direct
connection between DNA, consciousness and the manifestation of
disease, and so do not routinely look for such connection sin
research and diagnosis. If society is to progress to accommodate the
needs of Indigo Children and the general progression of human genetic
evolution, these paradigms will need to expand. There are
complimentary alternatives. The evolution of a culture begins with
each individual.


The "Oraphim" have very special gene codes called "Double Diamond
Sun" or the "Emerald Sun Matrix"- Double Diamond has the 12-strand
coding of the original human, plus another 12 pertaining to the
ascended mastery levels beyond time, and the Emerald's, the high
council of the Oraphim, have an additional 6 strands that correspond
to the Level-3 Eckatic Matrix, last level of ascended mastery before
At-one-ment with source.

The Oraphim are often called in other teachings the "Paradise Sons"
(supposed to be "Suns"...as the bio-field holds the full spherical
configuration, which appears as flaming balls of light from the lower

The Emerald Order Oraphim began the Turaneusiam lineage but more...
they were the original ELOHEI (not "Elohim", many of which
are "fallen") who seeded the universal common Lyran Pre-matter
races... the original avatars that seeded life in this time matrix.

They birth in numbers only during ascension cycles. They are the
Keepers of the Ascension Codes, the Star Gate Keepers and the
Planetary Security Team, responsible for orchestrating the necessary
grid mechanics during the cycle. They are a Melchizedek Cloister
family line out of the Azurite Council of the Ra Confederacy, the
governing Ascended Masters collective of our time matrix.

They oversee the OTHER, smaller Ascended Masters Collectives in and
beyond time. On earth you don't get higher coded beings. But the O's
don't have ego - once they awaken they know they are here in pure
service to the ONE and do their job. There are 500,000 here now, just
beginning to awaken. The Amenti book was written mostly for them, as
the "wake up call", and the Oraphim's are responding quite nicely.
It's others who don't have the DNA activation to process the D-4
through D-6 frequency of the data that have a hard time with it.

Emerald Order have contracts to awaken to at least the Avatar level
(D-10 through D-12)and are here for world service contracts of
various natures. All Emerald Order have experienced full ascension to
Level-3 Ascended Mastery before returning to embodiment in time. Most
have universal service contracts, not just planetary. They are of a
league of beings so far beyond the scope of awareness here, that even
some of the highest consciousness on planet and below D-12 have no
idea who they are. The "Dark Side" hates them because they bring the
knowledge of freedom. Most of us live as "sleepers" until the pre-
scheduled time of our awakening, then we start to remember who we are
and what we came to do.

The contemporary Indigo Children hybridization program is run by the
Emerald Order Oraphim-Turaneusiam- the original Elder Human Race who
seeded humans here 550 million years ago, and who vowed to assist us
in reaching our 12-strand DNA potential on earth and not 10-strand,
that is the Anunnaki and Drakonian DNA signature, HUMAN is 12-strand.

The Indigo Children are all incarnations of the Oraphim (there a 3
different types of Indigo's), and they are incarnating now to help
stimulate the general human gene code into a higher level of
activation via reaching critical mass within the race morphogenetic
field (scalar-template for matter manifestation). This hybridization
with the original Human gene lines is being orchestrated to help
humanity activate dormant DNA so the race can have a better chance of
averting physical and genetic damage during the 2000-2017 Stellar
Activations Cycle. (Changes in the Solar Light spectra that will
occur in this period pose harm to the earth-human races because of
present mutations in the general gene code that were passed on from
ancient intrusion by the Sirian Anunnaki).

All Indigos are born with the 6th DNA strand activated - the DNA
still appears as a "double helix, but there are additional encodings
operational within the Sub-strand Matrices), which allowed for open
memory of other space-time identity aspects.

The Emerald Order Council of 48 (a HUMAN visitor group-48 refers to
DNA issues, not the number of people on the council), trained in
higher dimensional (D-5-15+) remote viewing and matrix scan. This
council of pro-human interdimensionals keeps an eye on the visitor
agendas as they are running on earth, for various reasons that
involve making sure the planet and its unsuspecting people pass
through the 2000-2017 period safely. (Emerald Order members have
tried in the past to make contact with human governments, but the
interior government people were more interested in the "One World
Order" treaties they had already made with the Zeta Rigelians). One
aspect of the Emerald Order efforts is to lend protection to
human "light workers" who are in danger of negative manipulation
because they have yet to remember who they are, why they incarnated
into this drama and how to protect their bio-energetic fields.

Indigo Children birth in with 6th-strand activation, which becomes
functionally operational IF they can assemble the lower strand
fragments to "plug in" the 6th strand. (This "IF" depends a lot on
what they picked up from the parent's gene code and what kind of
environment they are raised in). All humans have the potential of
this DNA acceleration, to remember their other life experiences, and
the mechanics of their eternal consciousness IF they can learn of
their 15-dimensional anatomy and the methods by which they can
reverse mutate the Anunnaki DNA distortions inherent to our times,
which block out higher dimensional data from processing through the
DNA into conscious awareness. THAT is why I teach of the 15-
dimensional human anatomy and how to begin healing the DNA back to
its original 12-strand potential.

The Cloister Dora-Teura texts detailed the lost history of our races
and the interdimensional advanced sciences of DNA/Kundalin/Merkaba
Mechanics-and Earth Grid scalar mechanics- through which humans can
reclaim their mastery of the space-time-matter experience.

The Dora-Teura texts were last on the planet in true, undistorted
form 210,216 years ago. Later attempts at translating some of the
Dora-Teura texts were made in the Atlantian period -ended in 9558BC -
through the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, and later again through the
ORIGINAL texts of what became the Bible, Torah, Kabbalah and Sanskrit
Sutras. ALL of the later translations of the Dora-Teura texts,
including the edited Anunnaki renditions of the Emerald Tablets, were
perverted, edited, distorted, twisted and utterly compromised by the
Anunnaki and reptilian race visitors, and their human Illuminati
cohorts, in ancient times. But once, long ago, there was an
underlying truth and promise of human freedom within those teachings.

The Emerald Order Oraphim, who are now incarnating in flesh as the
Indigo Children, were the original authors of the Cloister Dora-Teura
texts. These texts were given on earth 248,000 years ago as part of
an agreement called the Emerald Covenant- an interstellar promise
made by the Original stellar human lineage, to assist the earth-human
lineage to re-evolve back into their original 12-strand DNA
potential. These teachings were a gift of love and knowledge from
Elder Race humans who CARED about earth humanity and who wanted to
see humans regain their freedom, awareness and power. There is MUCH
more to the Emerald Covenant, which explains the nonsense of what has
become our recorded history interpretation.

Many people are beginning to awaken to their memories of incarnations
in other space-time locations, and this is because human DNA is
presently beginning to activate higher due to the Solar Light spectra
changes of the 2000-2017 Stellar Activations cycle. People with the
least amount of Anunnaki or reptilian distortion in the DNA will
regain more memory faster. Anyone can benefit by the DNA reverse-
mutation technologies being taught by the Emerald Order; remembering
is the promise of human heritage- the potential of remembering
belongs to us ALL.

The Indigo Children-Oraphim incarnates, who have been entering
incarnation on earth for over 100 years, are presently only 500,000
strong within our populations, they are beginning to remember who
they are, and there are another 150,000 birthing in between 1999-
2012. The purpose of the Indigo's and the Elder Race Emerald Order
Humans who launched this pro-human hybridization plan, is an attempt
to TRY to restore the lost knowledge and mechanics of
interdimensional science and true spiritual cognition that will allow
humanity to heal its DNA and begin Remembering. They are TRYING to
set the records straight as far as the perversions of the Cloister
Dora-Teura texts, so people can have access to the knowledge through
which they can rapidly evolve and set themselves free from Anunnaki
and reptilian manipulation. They are trying to do this because of the
ancient promise of the Emerald Covenant, a promise made to earth-
humans because they were loved and valued by their Elder Race Seed-
and those of the Elder Race humans desired to see earth-humans evolve
to their full potentials as EQUALS, within the interstellar

The DISTORTED mess of what has BECOME the Bible, for what was ONCE a
decent book that ATTEMPTED to translate part of the legitimate
knowledge of the Cloister Dora-Teura texts, before the Anunnaki-
Pleiadian-Nibiruians gutted the real documents that were once a
unified Bible, Torah, Kabbalah, Sutra translation of the ORIGINAL
Atlantian Emerald Tablets (before Thoth edited them for his own
agendas) - all of these teachings came out of the Cloister Dora-
Teura, and all of them were THEN distorted to the point of non-
recognition from what they had once represented.

In the Cloister period 210,216 years ago, when we worked hard to
preserve the Dora-Teura holographic plates when the reptile races
came in and took over, and our massive temple complexes were bombed
into the ground. Later in 22,000 BC when the Emerald Order again
incarnated to try and stop the Anunnaki from perverting the human
gene code more than they already had-when we tried to re-enter the
Dora-Teura freedom teachings via the ORIGINAL Emerald Tablets, and
watched as the Anunnaki-Zeta Rigelian Thoth, who had been
commissioned by the Emerald Order to create a translation of the
texts, turned on the Emerald order and edited the teachings to
support the Anunnaki hybridization agendas. In the Biblical periods,
where again the Emerald Order tried to restore the true teachings
only to watch them be dissected and twisted by the human-Anunnaki
hybrid Illuminati families and their visitor friends "fallen Elohim
and Nephilim".

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