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Strabo “ Geography “. Fida Gulzari “ The Hazaras “. حاجی آغا.

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In the words of Strabo , the Dai or Dahi , Chorasmi,Sistan( Occupied Khorasan ) Parthian are the Saka Groups. Who were part of the Zoroastrian Nations, and Dai / Dahi was one of the First Five Nations or people among whom Zoroaster Preached his Massage. He further explains, the Dai / Dahi, in the encient Times, had Covered the whole of the Northern part of the Saka land, beginning at the Caspian Sea, but those who were living in the named Massagatae/ Jat/ Yueh Chi and Saka whereas the rest of them were Generally Called Sakas. Most of them were nomads but Greeks the real nomads were Asi , Tochari,Pasiani and Sacarauli, who flooded towards the south from beyond the Jaxartes and took Bacteria from the Greeks. Among them the Aparni later on settled Closest to Hyrcania and part of the bordered on it but the rest of them Spread in the Country that Stretched Parallel to Herat . Dai or Dahi is still Widespread in the Tribal Formations of present day Hazara Jat Tribes,Such as Dai kalo, Dai Mirdad,Dai Mardah,Dai Mirkasha, Dai la, Dai Zanyat, Dai Quzi, Dai Mazang, Dai Zangi, Dai Kundi, Dai Chopan, Dai Folad, Dai Khatai, Dai Rawad, Dai khatan, etc.The Totem of Dai /Dahi Tribes is Wild Goat, people must have Observed head of wild Goats placed on the Top of Hazara Jat,Door in Central Afghanistan.

“ Totemism is a Belief in which each Human or Each Group of Humans ( e.g a clan or a Tribe) is thought to have a Spiritual Connection or Kinship with another Physical being, such as an Animal or plant, often Called a “Spirit Being “ or Totem “The Totem is thought to interact with a Given Kin Group or an Individual and Serve as their Emblem and Symbol.”

Strabo “ Geography “.
http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=perseus%3Atext%3A1999.01.0198%3Abook%3D11%3Achapter%3D8,(Accessed,23 March 2015).
Fida Gulzari “ The Hazaras “ page 201.
.حاجی آغا.

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