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The Crystal Eye Floater - A Link between Ancient Spiritual Traditions by Enck Kanaj

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The Crystal Eye Floater - A Link between Ancient Spiritual Traditions by Enck Kanaj

The Crystal Eye Floater
by Enck Kanaj

Description: In this book, author Enck Kanaj takes a unique approach to explain the phenomenon of eye floaters. Materialistically, eye floaters are present in the vitreous humor of the eye. However, Enck reveals his findings that relate eye-floaters to optical physics. Eye floaters are a common phenomenon experienced by a majority of adults. Most people experience harmless eye floaters. While many people consider them annoying or unnecessary, they may find them very fascinating.

This book provides some surprising and challenging examples to explain the characteristics of eye floaters, physiologically and mentally as well as culturally and spiritually. Drawing attention toward a theory relating ancient spiritual traditions and eye floaters, Enck has revealed countless interesting facts regarding this entropic phenomenon. According to Enck, the entopic phenomenon of eye floaters has prevailed since ancient times. For instance, Enck is of the opinion that the snakes in ancient Egyptian culture represent the long-stranded floaters; the Winged Sun Disk Symbol and Eye of Horus can be produced as entopic phenomena.

The book is also an excellent source of knowledge for readers who experience frustration due to the harmless type of eye floaters:

The way you perceive things is up to you, and not to the things you perceive.

Perception shapes your own reality. If the floaters are bothering you in your life right now, you have the power to adjust your perception of them and therefore your own reality.

You can decide to change your perception, and therefore alter the effect of what you perceive as bothersome.


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