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Viktor Schauberger

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Sometimes the natural world itself can inspire a forward-thinking scientist to push the boundaries of known scientific theories. Such was the case with Viktor Schauberger - an Austrian forester/visionary born in the late 19th century. Schauberger studied the properties of what he called - "life-enhancing energy -" which manifests itself in water or air as vortices. Nearly 100 years ago - Schauberger warned - "Prevailing technology uses the wrong forms of motion. It is based on entropy - on motions which nature uses to break down and scatter materials. However - Nature uses a different type of motion for creating order and new growth. The prevailing explosion-based technology - fuel burning and atom splitting - fills the world with expanding - heat-generating centrifugal motion."

Schauberger is famous for his work in "implosion" science and "centripetence".

Instead of breaking down materials - Schauberger believed that energy production would be more efficiently generated by using inward-moving - cold-generating centripetal motion. He insisted that hydroelectric power plants use a destructive motion when the water is pressurized and chopped through the turbines.

Schauberger - known as the "Water Wizard -" reportedly produced electrical power from a unique suction turbine based on implosion principles and his new hydrodynamic theory. During World War II - he was pressured by Hitler's Nazi Party to work on development of a propulsion system using his hydro-principles but applied to air.

When Hitler heard of Schauberger's experiments with low-pressure zones at the atomic level - he threatened to hang Viktor and his family if he did not cooperate with the Third Reich's war effort. Schauberger had reportedly succeeded in creating a powerful force in the laboratory by whirling air "radically and axially" generating a falling temperature. Viktor called the resulting force "diamagnetic levitation power." Hitler wanted Schauberger to supervise the building of a new aircraft "which levitated without burning any fuel." Under threat of death - Schauberger was forced to work on the new aircraft destined for the Nazi's struggling war machine. Schauberger slowed down his experiments in order to thwart the Germans - but eventually it was reported he perfected a "flying disc -" powered by a turbine which rotated air into a powerful twisting type of oscillation - similar to a tornado. It was alleged that on a laboratory scale - Schauberger's prototype "could speed 15 kilometres [10 miles] in just three minutes [200 mph] and fly in any direction!" Although it is said the "flying saucer" could be propelled in the air in rapid flight - it had one serious design flaw; it could not be stopped or steered.

At the conclusion of WWII - American military officers seized Schauberger's laboratory and everything in it. Suspecting him as a Nazi collaborator - they put him into "protective custody" for six months. A decade later - the Munich publication - Da Neue Zeitalter - wrote that "Viktor Schauberger was the inventor and discoverer of the new motive power - implosion - which - with the use of only air and water - generated light - heat and motion." The paper also stated that the first unmanned flying disc was tested in 1945 near Prague - and that it could "hover motionless in the air and could fly as fast backwards as forwards." The disc reportedly had a diameter of 50 metres.

Schauberger eventually moved to the United States where he believed that he could still do some good for the world. Schauberger's basic thesis employs a universal - two-fold movement principle. Viktor was convinced that life is sustained by a gathering - implosive movement - such as generates weather. Some even compare Schauberger's vortex theory to the amazingly long - twisting molecular thread of which DNA consists. According to Schauberger's energy paradigm - the implosive movement generates coolness - suction - growth and healthiness. Following this thought - he said that explosive movement - which produces the power in all modern engines - causes heat - pressure - fragmentation - and death. The forester/inventor believed that home power plants could be created out of conical - twisted tubes that were wrapped around a main component that was also conical shaped. When the tubes were rotated - water is sucked through the tubes and after "processing" is sprayed out to force turbine vanes to spin which would be mechanically connected to an electricity-producing generator.

While in the US - it is reported government officials persuaded Schauberger to supply them with as much data as he could remember. It is said he later signed contracts with an industrial concern that stripped him of all rights to his work. He died in 1958 at 73-years-old - broke and bitter. Viktor Schauberger is famous to this day in Germany for his work in "implosion" science and "centripetence" motion to overcome gravity. Researchers are still trying to understand his use of 3-D vortex mechanics and technology regarding the implosion motor - suction turbines - and home power plants. However - scientific efforts utilizing Schauberger's basic theories of hydro-dynamics still continue.

The invention (The Repulsine) makes use of the fact that the presence of certain substances - especially metals such as copper - silver or gold - for example - or those substances collectively termed synthetic resins (plastics) - which are decisive for the progress of the vital functions in liquids or gases (air) and whose effect can - in part - be described as oligodynamic (decay-producing effect - as envisioned by Schauberger). Therefore - if the said course of motion of the substances to be dissociated is also allowed to proceed "oligodynamically" - then the severing of the atomic bonds can be successfully achieved to a large extent and considerable energies freed. These freed energies can readily be brought into new combinations - such as for the further development of the atoms of primary gaseous substances into liquid or even solid formations or these energies may be drawn of or diverted in some other way.

Modern man continues to employ the explosive forces of nature - such as the automotive combustion engine - which also continue to harm the environment. Perhaps it is time for technology to work within the laws of natural forces instead of wasting energy in order to oppose them.

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