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Agartha / Hollow Earth / Inner Earth / Hollow Planets

zadnja sprememba 4. september 2013 ob 18:34
hollow earth
our hollow planet 2 komentarja
hollow planets
Our Hollow Earth
Fresh Lake Vostok
symmes grave N/S Openings Hollow Earth Agartha
north pole entrance
Lolladoff Plate
Jupiter Aurora
Jupiter's Aurora
Saturn's Aurora 1
Saturn's Aurora 2
Saturn's Aurora 3
Saturn Timelapse
Saturn Aurora 4
Hubble Space
The planet Saturn has an aurora around each of its polar regions just like the auroras on Earth 1 komentar
Aurora Australis Reveals Earth's  South Pole Opening! 1 komentar
Hollow Earth 1
Hollow Earth 2
Hollow/Inner Earth opening
Planet Activity 1 komentar
Section of satellite photo, forest in Central California 1 komentar
Here's another view of that terraformed, sculpted mountain I showed you before
t's a stargate, which is a common feature of most moons and planets traditionally. Saturn's Planet Titan
2001 Hubble shot of Mars 1 komentar
20-yr old Hubble shot of Mars 1 komentar
Mars, [satellite touchdown] into Helmdall Crater 1 komentar
Mars, Rover Spirit about 2007-2008 1 komentar
Saturn 1 komentar
These two views of Mars were taken at different times, and they display climate changes there
Mars is never ORIENTED by NASA as NSEW so that its topography becomes recognizable and familiar
Uranus; Translucent, emitting its own energy (One has to wonder Who or what is at work there)
Neptune's moon Titor 1 komentar
INVERTED CONTRAST so you can see details of the Hartley2 so-called
1 komentar
1 komentar
Monolith 1 1 komentar
Monolith 2 1 komentar
Uranus 1 komentar
An eclipse on May 5th and a 1 komentar
There are wormholes in space, and this is what one looks like: a womb with a view
The Moon 1 komentar
1 komentar
Jupiter 1 komentar
Neptune 1 komentar
Civic building, at a polar area because there is no canopy obscuring its view of the sky.
Nibiru, 2008 satellite flyby
Here is an illustration of the Wormwood System intersecting and merging with the Old Sol System (our system)
Nibiru is a planet ORBITTING WORMWOOD
Venus 1 komentar
Venus, alive. It rains so much, kiosks are everywhere downtown
Venusion Urban sprawl
Apollo 20 found this ship [presumably Anunmaki] crashed on the back side in 1976. 1 komentar
Telescopic Video still (from earth) with people (human figures) visible, walking around
Richard Hoagland photo 1 komentar
an 1 komentar
Suspected Asteroid Collision Leaves Odd X-Pattern
This is a growing space greenhouse (Mars)
MARS NORTH POLE building hidden under AQUA PAINT. Now you can see how NASA's rendering DETAILS have been deliberately painted over with brown and blue
Rover Opportunity, Sculpted cave (Mars)
Phobos texture detail showing water
Phobos is also CARVED for ceremony
Hubble photo of Nibiru taken prior to 1994 (Re-rendered in a neutral hue to clarify detail)
LUNA 1 komentar
Nibiru construction 1 komentar
This photo is from the Solstice Ritual 1994 at Aristarcus (which is a piece of technology, a light show). Clementine video. 1 komentar
Mars' North Pole
Hollow Earth 2

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