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Spheres, Symbols and “Signs”
It is known to us that many of you have been secretly “hoping for a sign” within your external hologram that would confirm for you the realities and success of Hetharo Peak events. Though “making a habit” out of seeking external verification of internal spiritual events can leave one vulnerable to tactics of Fallen Angelic/ET manipulation, and thus this practice is not encouraged by us, we, the Eieyani, also understand that in your present state of evolution such “objectified concurrence” can be quite helpful to you in reaffirming the validity of your personal convictions. It is for this reason that during the May 27, 2003 Hetharo Peak RRT we assisted some of you in bringing a small bit of subtle “objectified evidence of presence” to the group, in the form of more dramatic “Light Ball” photographs, which were taken by a few group members during and after the RRT events. Some of you had opportunity to view these photographs during the Cue-site-7 workshops. Throughout MCEO events over the last few years we have assisted some members to “capture these essences” on film, but we have not yet given explanation of their nature. Here we will briefly explain that such “Light Ball” photographs ARE indicative of inter-dimensional exchange; they represent a phenomenon in energy that is akin to the phenomenon of “ripples in a pond” that appear when an object is thrown into the water. In terms of the pond analogy, the “ripples” are not the “object thrown in”, but rather are an observable consequence of the water displacement caused by the object entering the water. In like fashion, the “Light Balls” that appear in some of your photographs (and those appearing in the photographs of others working with “intruders” as well), are not “inter-dimensional objects or beings” that have entered your wave-strata; the “Light Balls”, like the “pond ripples”, are rather evidence of the energy displacement caused within your wave-strata due to an event of inter-dimensional exchange.
The spherical “capsule” that forms the periphery of the “Light Ball” can be understood as the “ripple” within your 3- dimensional wave-spectrum. The color spectra of the Light Balls emerge from within the spherical capsules and denote the portion of the interdimensional wave spectrum from the “incoming end” that is perceivable within your visible light spectrum. The symbol-form geometries that are often, but not always, carried within the “Light Balls” represent mathematical encryption codes that are embedded with mathematically encrypted information or communications from the interdimensional Being(s) that has entered into, but remains “invisible” within, your dimensional field. At times of more intensive, direct contact, the spherical capsule “ripple” may be expanded “from the inside out”, to become a temporary Merkabic Portal between your dimensional field and others; in such a case you might find a particular “Light Ball” expanding and growing in size within your perceivable wave-spectrum as a “Light Being” or “Shadow Being”, with its physicality anchored in different density field, emerges within its center to enter your reality field. In the “Light Ball” photographs that we have assisted some of you in “capturing”, you have evidence of the spherical capsule “ripple effect”, some with included Eieyani communication encryptions, but we have not yet demonstrated within such photographs our physical presence emerging from within the spherical capsules; the time for this demonstration has not yet come. We would like you to understand “what you are seeing” when viewing such “Light Ball” photographs, and to realize that such phenomenon are not specifically “Eieyani portraits” as some of you might have thought. Interdimensional Beings of any agenda can generate such “Light Balls” effects, and we would not want you to leave yourselves vulnerable to manipulation by thinking that each time you encounter a “Light Ball” effect you are in the benign presence of an Eieyani or Christiac visitor.

The “Light Balls” do indicate the presence of an interdimensional exchange, sometimes an exchange involving “visitor” communication or contact, other times the exchange is less specific, denoting the passing of an object from one density field, through your dimensional spectrum, into another density field entirely, leaving the “ripple effect” in its wake. Not all interdimensional exchanges produce the photographable “Light Ball” ripple effect; in fact, most do not. Atmospheric conditions within your world, as well as the frequency resonance potential of both the photographer and camera, together determine whether or not the “Light Ball” phenomenon will occur, and whether or not it can be photographically recorded. Certain types of camera apparatus and film, such as in digital cameras, digital video systems and high speed film, are more sensitive to capturing phenomena involving interdimensional light spectra; for “techno buffs” interested in “capturing photographic record of the unseen”, you might try using a high-resolution digital video camera pointed to a fixed position in the day-time sky for several hours, with a stationary object, such as a building, included in the frame for spatial and size reference. Once such digital video is recorded, download the sequence into a computer with digital video “frame-by-frame analysis” capacity and slow down the playing speed; you might find more than “Light Balls” appearing on your computer screen! We thought this exercise might be fun, and potentially revealing, for some of you who are interested in obtaining visual documentation of visitor presence. You will not always obtain photographic evidence in this way, but occasionally the results of such experiments can be quite impressive. We assisted you during Hetharo Peak to capture the “Light Ball” photographs when atmospheric and related conditions allowed, for two primary reasons; one, to provide the group with a subtle form of feedback pertaining to the validity of your interdimensional endeavors, and two, to provide example of the Light Ball phenomenon so that we might lend insight into the dynamics through which this phenomenon arises. The Hetharo Light Ball photographs were intended to provide a subtle form of confirmative feed back for those of you in search of such confirmation. [Refer to location of best P White pics]

If the Hetharo Peak “Light Ball” photographs were too subtle a “sign of confirmation” for some, we might guide your attentions to a related phenomenon that is a bit more tangibly obvious. For those of you whom attended the Cue Site-7 Hetharo Workshops, you may remember the diagrams we presented when introducing to you the dynamics of the “Lotus Breath”. These diagrams, which illustrated the imbedded Kathara Grid Templates, called “Lotus Flow Grid”, of the “Lotus Flow” Shield Stanz, were translated by our Speakers from the CDT-Plates on May 20-26, 2003. During the May 27, 2003 Hetharo Peak Veca Mahadra RRT, the Lotus Flow Shield Stanz was encoded within Earth’s Planetary Shields at Cue Site- 7, and was transmitted to the grid network of Planetary Star Gate-11 via the CDT-Plate-11 “Ruby Seal” transmission line (later discussed), to initiate reset of the Halls of Amenti Christiac Divine Blueprint. The Lotus Flow Shield Stanz began activation within Earth’s Planetary Shield following the events of June 3, 2003 (later discussed) and reached critical mass activation within the PSG-11 grid network June 12-15, 2003. If you will recall, PSG-11 is located in the Vale of Pewsey, Milk Hill UK; the Halls of Amenti interface point with PSG-11 is located several miles away from the PSG-11 epicenter; an area called Ogbourne, UK. We thought that you might find it interesting to note that a new Ogbourne “crop circle” was discovered on June 15, 2003; the shape of this crop circle “just happens to be” that of the condensed core mathematical sequence of the “Lotus Flow Grid”, the expanded template of which as was illustrated in our May 20-26, 2003 diagrams depicting the imbedded Kathara Grid Templates of the Lotus Flow Shield Stanz.

As we have explained before, true “crop circles” are complex, mathematically encoded Shield Stanz programs, akin to “computer programs”, that emerge as images within the “3-D Hologram” when their corresponding mathematical program reaches critical mass activation within the Planetary Shields. We have also mentioned before that various “Intruder” visitor races have been encrypting their own inorganic mathematical programs into Earth’s Shields over the past few decades, via creation of “crop circles”. The period of time in which a “crop circle” first appears denotes the point at which its mathematical program reached critical mass activation within the Planetary Shield; from this point forward, even long after the initial image has faded, the “crop circle” location continues to serve as a scalar-wave transmission point for the mathematical program that was held within the crop circle image-design. Though most crop circles in recent years have been Planetary Shield infiltration attempts launched by Intruder races (or “Hoaxes” rendered by humans as part of the “Official Denial” campaign, orchestrated in attempt to disprove the existence of actual crop circle phenomenon), a few “crop circles” have denoted critical mass activation of mathematical programs organic to Earth’s Planetary Shield Christiac Divine Blueprint. The “Lotus Flow Grid” mathematical program is one such program indigenous to Earth’s Christiac Divine Blueprint. We, the Eieyani, did not personally “create” the “Lotus Flow Grid” crop circle, but let us say we “facilitated its creation”. Some of you had “asked for a sign” to confirm the success of the Hetharo Peak Veca Mahadra RRT; it appears that the “Universe” may have responded to your request in rather literal terms. Is the “Lotus Flow Grid” crop circle of Ogbourne, UK the “sign” you were looking for, or is the June 2003 appearance of this crop circle and its undeniable similarity to our May 2003 diagrams, merely a coincidence? We will leave this question for you to ponder. And, before deciding, perhaps, you might also want to explore what “popped up” at PSG-11, Milk Hill, in correspondence to the Ogbourne Activation. [Refer to location of Ogbourne circle]

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