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UFO landing site -Paški Trokut island of Pag

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Paški Trokut island of Pag 1
Paški Trokut island of Pag 2
Paški Trokut island of Pag 3
Paški Trokut island of Pag 4
Paški Trokut island of Pag 5
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In west Croatia, Europe, you can find a long peninsula called Pag. East of the town of Novalja, up in the rocky hills, you can find the Pag Triangle. An ancient UFO imprint on the ground. An imprint of such dimensions, that the stones and rocks have melted under extreme heat. The stones and rocks that were touched by the heat have melted together and each of them have three colors.

The Pag Triangle was discovered in 1999 by a Croatian aircraft passing over the peninsula. In 1999, the position of Pag Triangle was pointing towards Sirius star, linking Orion star as well. The myth tells of a trangle-shaped craft that came from the stars thousands of years ago and its passengers of that met the inhabitants of Pag. It is rumored that the locals of Pag often see triangle shaped UFOs and stange lights in the sky - even nowadays. It is also rumored that many UFO cults have visited the location and use it to worship/contact the extraterrestrials.

The Croatian researcher and author of the "Pag Venture Star" book Stjepan Zvonaric studied the phenomenon and even organized visits to Pag Triangle and evening seasonal exhibition with additional description and explanation. Stjepan Zvonaric planned to open a "UFO Park" for the tourists, but the project was shut down in 2006. After 2006, no new materials or brochures on the subject were to be found.

There is little you can find on Google about the Pag Triangle - and most of it is unresearced.

My partner and I went to Pag to investigate two weeks ago.

The Pag landscape is extremely rocky and alien, it could serve as a setting for a science fiction movie about visiting other planets. To get to the Pag Triangle, you have to do an hour and a half of walking. No neon turist signs, no fancy alien action figures or local kiosks, nothing. No tourists as well. This is not Roswell. You have to navigate with your GPS and your six senses.

Once you are there, you will basically SEE the large imprint of the triangle on the ground. The rocks there are different there. The triangle itself measures approximately 32 times 32 times 24 feet. There are no strange feelings or energy surrounding the place, but we both felt a large energy drain. Our GPS system suddenly shut down and the camera's batteries died. Just before the GPS shut down, we had connectrion with 5 more sattelites than we normally have.

We took a lot of rock samples from the Pag Triangle - most of them three-colored, as we expected them to be.

But the odd energy is not there, at the Pag Triangle, but up the hill.

When you go up the hill, in the South-East direction from the Pag Triangle, you will find an ancient worshipping site with rocks arranged in symmetrical patterns (some of them younger that others). Mostly triangles. You will get an excellent view of the Pag Triangle from that site.

That's where the funny feeling starts, we both felt very odd and out of place. As if the energy there is very dark and tight. Eerie. As if the place is used to communicate/call upon the triangled spaceship.

However, we will now leave you to your own speculations. Here are some pictures we took from the Pag Triangle site. I have Photoshopped my partner out, because our identities must remain anonymous.

Now, have a look.

The Pag Triangle:

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