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U ben the French diguards, watch and harass their pa visions were drawn together fortroles, surprize stragglers, make opposing the true religion, united armies of !orian attack when they had tbe ghd, adWellington and General CmbSttvantage of numbers, and lie in the Guerillas, taking advaritfi$fambush when their safety de their absence, scoured the ctippfin different directions. When thepose of maintaining the publicFrench returned, after the retreat tranquillity in the conquered profrom Talavera, to their old quar vinces, overawing the countiy, andters, the Guerillas were dispersed,retaining it in subjection. Thebut not subdued; for, on the de French,notwithstanding the supeparture of the French troops from riority of their numbers, were uria varifcty of posts, to join Massena,able to invade at once all partsthe Guerillas appeared again in of the country. Harassed onforce with increased boldness every side by an armed population,arid of this alternation of concethey were ignorant of the numbertrating the French forces for fight of enemies they had hair straighteners, to contending great battles nd dispersing with. The Guerillas, dispersedthe different divisions,coach,
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mbt, for sub by superior forces in mbt, on« place,fistence in a poor and exhaustedappeared reorganized in another,country, resolute to maintain its New bedies of armed men apindependence, there seemed to be peared to spring up mbt, from theno end. In nike air max 2009, proportion as the earth after they were supposed toGuerillas increased skechers shape ups, in numbers be destroyed,and daring resolution, it becameA convoy destined for the paynecessary for the French coach handbags, to send of coach, true religion jeans outlet, the French army, was interitraiger and stronger escorts for cepted in the night of the th ofprotecting their couriers and con October, by Coach Bags the celebrated partivoys agatnst those parties, or, true religion jeans, as zan, the patriot hero, Mina, betbe French called them, bahds, tween Bayonne and Madrid. Thewho incessantly attacked the ene governor of Gofnara sent menmy reebok easytone, in the rear, coach purses, impeded his com to reinforce ghd hair straightener, the escort, which wasmonications, cut off his supplies, also . The, whole was disand, by the booty that fell into persed or taken by undertheir hands, made up in no incon Mina, who became master of siderable degree for the ravages carts loaded with silver, pricommitted in the provinces by the soners, horses, arms, and amihvtfders. Indeed the misery, to munition. A convoy was takentrhich the country had been re by the Guerillas, of muskets,duced, was So great as to drive and uniforms, on its wayfl mrjoung men to the Guerillas from Bayonne to the troops in

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