International Super Magnum (L115A1)

01. februar 2009 ob 22:06 | 826

Caliber : .338 Lapua (8.60x70mm).300 Win Mag 7mm Rem Mag

Operation : Bolt Action

Length 50 inches

Weight 14.99 lbs (6.8kg) empty without telescope

Barrel 27" (.338 Lapua) 26" (.300 and 7mm)

Twist, Right Hand 1 turn in 8" (.338 Lapua)
1 turn in 10" (.300 and 7mm)

Magazine Capacity 5 round box magazine

Maximum Effective Range 1100+ meters
Additional Features: 1 piece scope mount
Parker-Hale bipod
Black, custom-fitted case
Tool kit
Cleaning kit

The PM Super Magnum, or Super Magnum (SM) as it is now known, is essentially an Artic Warfare rifle upgraded to accept the high power cartridges, especially the .338 Lapua. The barrel is slightly longer to take full potential of the .338, and the range is increased signifcantly. This rifle is approaching the range of the .50 cals, but yet its only slightly heavier then the standard 7.62mm version of the rifle. Accuracy of all the AI rifles gets down around .5 MOA.

Several military forces around the world are adopting the Super Magnum as a special purpose sniper rifle. The U.K. was one of the first and has designated the rifle L115A1 and uses it as a "platoon level support weapon".

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