Hollywood MK Deception (PART 1) The Products (see: Two Coreys)

Hollywood MK Deception (PART 1) The Products (see: Two Coreys)

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This upload covers the blatant "TWINNING" programming scenario, complete with discussion of childhood sexual abuse. MK children (and some child stars) are programmed with a "twin" who also externally reinforces programming. The roles are being played out and results in, of course, the death of the "disloyal". The show was canceled during second season taping.

Here, we can see who is playing the part here - it looks as though Corey is breaking programming, having a tough time dealing with it and being triggered by his twinning partner, the latter. Watch these clips closely - there is a LOT going on here. His meltdown and death are still on display...

Fritz Springmeier on TWINNING: They are bonded in many ways, including torturing each other, and sexual bonding. The trauma bonding that they undergo will consist of a. being put in life or death situations together, b. given programming scripts which intertwine & fill in to complete each other to make a whole, c. are placed in jobs that require total compliance with the programming in order to survive, d. are bonded together to other people. The scripture A house divided against itself cannot stand (MT 12:25, MK 3:25) is used to program people to stay in line with what the team is doing.


The two COR-E's (CORES-COREY'S) have appeared in: * The Lost Boys (1987) * License to Drive (1988) * Dream a Little Dream (1989) * Blown Away (1992) * National Lampoon's Last Resort (1994) * Dream a Little Dream 2 (1995) * Busted (1996) (V) * Big Wolf on Campus (TV series) (Haim in 2000, Feldman in 2002) (cameo) * Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003) (cameo) * Robot Chicken (2006) (Episode 2.2, "Federated Resources") * The Two Coreys (TV series) (2007-2008) * Lost Boys: The Tribe (2008

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